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Help improve children's self-esteem

Help improve children

We are so obsessed with creating the bubble adult welfare we have forgotten the importance of planting child self-esteem. It is very important that our children grow up in an adult world balanced, it will be the best we can pass them. However, If we stop to think about it, It will not cost us much we do realize that our shortcomings are visible.

Here's children, Like the animals, They perceive our fears and insecurities and adopt them easily. Before this panorama, the truth is that we must strive for this to happen to a lesser extent. But, How can we do it?


Help improve children's self-esteem


First considering we are the best example for children, we must promote our self. Secondly with the way we act and treat them, as well as the values ​​that we inculcate them, I mean, in how we educate. We do not want children who have to be perfect because we do not want to cultivate pride; We want kids who want to and trust in themselves and their potential. A continuación os damos 12 claves que no fallarán para fomentar la autoestima infantil:

1It is important taken into account and devote our time exclusively
We must consider what the child asks us and calls us. In addition, if we are walking with them we should not be looking at your mobile phone, as we dedicate the child looks and moments that we lose. Therefore, to promote children's self-esteem we must take into account children, besides you dedicate some of our time.


2Corrects your mistakes but from the love
Without shouting and patiently, el niño es una esponja que absorberá lo bueno y lo malo. Make him understand that you learn together and exchange is mutual.


3-Fosters their autonomy by giving them responsibilities
Let them make small decisions about their relationships or daily habits. For example, you can cook or prepare them lunch, help dry and clear the plates, set the table, choose clothes that you want to put, etc.


4-Not compare
Another key to building self-esteem is that child not compare them, or their brothers or their friends. Do not compare a child with anyone, and neither do with adult. No one is better or worse than anyone, We are all different.


5Do not label him as "clumsy", "Little", “tonto”
Esto no ayuda para nada a crecer con un autoestima saludable. When the child does something wrong there are many ways to tell: it is not right to hit your brothers, You do not have to break toys or have to work well kill.


6-Nor do it "ready" "good" or "smart"
The child does not understand what builds that you refer to it that way. Where appropriate, you can tell: how well you do the tasks, how well you've collected or I love watching you paint. I mean, judge their behavior but not the child.


7-Establishes clear limits and be consistent with them
I mean, If you do not pick up your toys will not go to the park; the child will want to negotiate this but not worth halftone, if you put a reasonable condition you have to enforce it, otherwise it will not be taken seriously. Firmness.


8-Appreciates the effort, No results
Do not focus on if you have taken an outstanding or approved, the important thing is that the child has been steady and has strived, refuerza esto. To encourage children's self-esteem is very important to evaluate their efforts.


9-Do not exaggerate your blandishments and concretized
This is, Tell what you have done well and why you liked so the child knows what pleases you. Well you collected your toy cars and stuffed animals It is substantially different You are very tidy.


10-Validates your emotions
If the child cries are likely to be hurt, Give the importance. avoid telling: Nothing happens! Yes, whats up, something makes you feel bad and it is important that we give the relevant relevance.


11-He did not sobreprotejas, you will promote insecurity and dependence
Do not guard and watch over them all the time, because children will generate bubble. Children are not broken and need a dynamic that will generate opportunities to develop steadily, not to stagnate.


12-Booking times for each of the children have around
Try searching for an individual space for each, because the fact of being important and protagonists for a few minutes or a few hours is very reinforcing for them.You show them doing that for you is key dedicate each other from time to time, importándote how you feel and seeking to generate novel exchanges.


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