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How to meditate with a bad

How to meditate with a bad

A bad is one beaded chain It is normally used to power breaths or mantras by meditating, something similar to a rosary. The poor have the ability to connect with the practice of meditation and recitation of mantras.

According to tradition, the use of a bad can help expand our meditation.


Thus he meditates with a bad Buddhist


What you need to do is to sit in a comfortable and quiet place. You must stay silent before. We will need to find the account guru and when have done you will think what mantra will be used.

Normally, mantras are given by teachers or guides, But if there is no one, always you can use any phrase or Word positive as “I want everyone” or the word “peace”, For example.

Mantras are not mandatory, accounts of the poor with each breath may go through. In this case, It is important to not have accounts or aloud or mental way.

That Yes, When will move from one account to another, You must go counting with each breath or repetition of the mantra. You must go from one account to another at a rate that is consistent, either with the breath and repetition of the mantra, so meditation will make a better effect..


Meditate with Mala


This is because one of the main features that has to wear the mala is the count breaths or mantras to be able to relax properly.

Once we arrive at the account of guru stop, time in which we may take us a few minutes of silence and contemplation. At this time we will decide if we want to continue meditating or if we decide to end. If we fail to meditate, Please remove the bad and place it in a clean, safe place.


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