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Meditation before sleep

Meditation before sleep

Today, meditation is something that is available to everyone and can be learned in a relatively easy way. The benefits that offers meditation may impact very positively on our daily growth, allowing us to connect body and mind to achieve the best effects.

Many scientists have investigated about meditation and in one of these studies has been studied the brain after a good session of meditation. The results reveal that the chemical activity in the brain is very effective. Also, benefits have been discovered in the immune system, emotional and cardiac.

Bedtime meditation

More and more are people who choose to meditate before getting in bed to sleep, something that is very beneficial to them given that the dream will be much more restful if bedtime without having meditated before.

Bedtime meditation produces an almost analgesic effect, being highly recommended for those days where we've had a great stress or that things have not gone as we had hoped. With meditation, analgesic sensation has also impact on the physical, especially in areas where there is pain, joint and/or muscle.

On the other hand ensures that a large number of infarcts occurs during mornings. Bedtime meditation helps to prevent cardiovascular complications. A study conducted in the United States determined that those who contemplated the evening were able to reduce the order of the 50% the risk of dying from a heart attack because it prevents high blood pressure and reduce blood pressure.

All this will lead us to that when we wake up, We do so with a better mood, more relaxed and rested as well as with enough vitality to face the day with success.


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