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I like people who leave their mark, no scars

I like people who leave their mark, no scars

There is a huge difference between a trace or leave scars. Scars are signs of damage, pain, open wounds, of emotions that we need to clean and treat. Scars are marks that do not choose to have that remind us of pain that could have been avoided.

However, traces are indelible marks on the skin and memory we do recall moments of love, learning and growth.

Therefore, not so much the quantity and quality of the people around us. If someone hurts us systematically, we should consider our environment clean, focus better and let remain relationships that result in mutual growth and contributions.


It's not about taking steps, but trace


There are people who leave an indelible mark on your heart, because there have been a time that has followed the same path with them. And, although they are not with you, You can never forget.

Do not strive to leave that mark, but appears without you noticing. Those people that offer another view of your world, help you question your past, your present and your future.

For this reason, a soul mate is a kind of lifeline. They come by chance, or perhaps intentionally, and you are changed forever. You open your eyes, make you see what hurts, so you can get hurt and you have a wonderful meaning.

However, beside them, nothing hurts so much. Because people who leave their mark not cause permanent damage, marcarte not engaged in for its own sake. And, but put your life upside down and that will bother, If you put in your dictionary the word luck, they appear.


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