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6 Pillars to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner

6 Pillars to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner

When we have a relationship is normal to want to be all the time with that person, share all the special moments and those who are not so much with it, and so often we do not realize that everyone needs their space to live with other people or just to have some time to himself.

And we are so entranced, so in love that we only care about satisfying that need to be with your partner, but gradually our relationship can be weakened by these and other reasons.


6 Pillars to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner


Today we give you some small tips to help you keep your relationship strong and healthy couple:




For me, the most important of all.

And it What is a relationship without communication?, things are misunderstood or understood that they give can be much worse.

We must talk about feelings, not stifle thoughts, dialogue, discuss things that do not seem fair and even yes, Living together in a couple is known everyday, of course with patience and calm, we must always bear in mind that even if the other person is not like me and they will be many differences, we must seek balance.


Happiness does not depend on your partner


While when we are with the person we love we feel happy, happy and fulfilled must keep well when you are not with us.

Because no one is responsible for your happiness but yourself / a, So when we will have any interaction in our lives we must take care of our emotional health, find our peace within and above all know who we are as spiritual beings.



Do the words are gone with the wind


We were accustomed in life to make promises lightly, not give the value they deserve to words, it's time to change that, do not believe? Because everything that once say somehow mark the other person.

Time for more than talk show, demonstrate how we feel, what we think, because life is today.


Respect is essential


All but all relationships we do throughout our lives, either with friends, family, courtships, etc, They must be based on a very important value: "respect".

With it will set clear boundaries of what we like and what not, in the same way that we have a healthy and clear communication with the other person.


We are humans, we make mistakes


Perfection does not exist, so we must remember that our partner is flesh and blood, I mean, human, He will make mistakes like us, the real challenge is to accept, recognize that we are wrong and remedy, try not happen again, forgive your partner and forgive yourself if you really want to go ahead with the relationship.


The art of listening


To have a healthy relationship is important to listen to your partner, know what your concerns are, their concerns, how was work, How's your new boss.

And they form a much larger bond than you can imagine.




They are a couple does not mean they are tied to each other, freedom is essential for a healthy and lasting relationship is.

Come out with your friends separately, together, activities without the other will help them reinforce that trust that both have.

All of these tips are delivered to you in order that you consider to strengthen your relationship, combined with the cornerstone: Love, They will help build and maintain the pair bond with the person you love so much.

Remember that it is you who knows your relationship, Be patient, ten fe, Love much, without fears, untethered and unapologetic.


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