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Which are the seven chakras

Which are the seven chakras

The chakras are centers of power within Buddhism. In our bodies we have seven and they are aligned from the head to the bottom of the body.


Which are the seven chakras


Of them can be said that different practices, like for example yoga, part of his philosophy is based on them.


The chakras of the body


The first three chakras are the physical commodity, the fourth is the connection between matter and spirit and the fifth, sixth and seventh are the the spirit chakras.

The first is the Muladhara, considered as a chakra of the stability, Security and basic needs we have. It covers the three first vertebrae as well as the colon and the bladder. When we have it open, We noticed a great security in ourselves.

The second is the Svashisthan, which represents the creativity as well as it is a sexual Center. It is located below the navel and is closely related to our creative capabilities.

The Manipura is the third chakra. It is between the breastbone and the navel and according to Buddhism is an important source of personal power.

The fourth is the connecting link between what is matter and spirit. Is called Anahata, situated right in the middle of the seven chakras. It is a source of love and connection.

The fifth is called Vishuddha chakra and is located in the throat. It includes the jaw, mouth, thyroid, parathyroid, neck, mouth and tongue. It is associated with the truth and with the power of the word.

Ajna is the name of the sixth chakra and is located between the two eyebrows, also known as “the third eye” and it is an important center of intuition.

The seventh chakra is called Sahaswara chakra, It's the spiritual connection with the superior beings and also the lighting, being represented by an inverted Lotus Flower.


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