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Gifts of others and our preconceptions

Gifts of others and our preconceptions

We often have preconceived ideas of what would make one or another person, in relation to us or any particular situation, obviously mainly based on common sense and reference of how would we act before facts, or similar claims.

But everyone is simply very different and what is obvious to me, It is not necessarily for you, What is good for some, should not be so for others... and when there is associated relativities, truths are not such, the commitments are not written and which is only on paper with its variables in play is able to understand why acts one way and not another.

This is on the basis of which everyone tries to act the best that they can with the resources you have, but obviously this does not mean that it is the best way to do it. A formed under an abusive foster father, You can repeat the pattern with your children, not see this as a negative, because its truth is affected by their way of seeing the situation.

Then, We all have standards of conduct associated with many conditions, experiences, experiences, projects, etc, and each one will have a way of acting that can be considerably from what is expected of everyone.

The best way not to thwart us, do not disappoint us, It is to learn to not expect anything from anyone, never give anything by sitting. In this way in any way a person acting, We will be able to evaluate it without own expectation bias.

This, In addition to avoid frustrations, It gives us the opportunity to surprise us with what we received from someone, with what we observe, without having expected something in particular previously.

Give freedom to those around us who are, obviously within the normal parameters, without seeing us adversely affected by the attitudes of everyone. No one deserves to live to meet the expectations of different, Everyone must give what is born us, What seems to us to be appropriate, Some will have the fortune to be better accepted than others, But yes due respect is saved and avoided the need for label, judge or provide for action in particular, all will gain.

Gifts others

Do not expect anything from anyone other than yourself, There is nothing that we can or we should control the behavior of another being and as well as we want to respect our decisions, our act, do it with people who in one way or another are part of our lives.


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