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The 10 basis of a solid relationship

The 10 basis of a solid relationship

1. You must give unconditional love

Of course, It is easy to enomarada when love is for romantic dinners, Travel and Gifts. But that is not everything. True love requires tolerance, understanding and support at all times, and that, It is most difficult to achieve.


2. Make him feel that is your priority

Nothing expresses more love than your partner make you feel that it is important for you. No matter how busy this week or that you have many things to do, always tries to find time for yourself and your partner, leaving behind distractions like facebook or other social networks.


3. Keep your promises

Show him your partner you can trust you and do not break your promises, especially in times of difficulty.


4. Lift it up when feeling down

Resist the temptation to say hurtful words when your partner makes a mistake. Practice compassion and not judge . React correctly in difficult times is what will make your relationship is stronger than ever.


5. Put yourself in their shoes

Relationships treat you comrpomisos, And sometimes that's the hardest. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, try to put yourself in their shoes and empathic.

6. Respects their freedom

The best relationship is when you are independent, not co-dependent. Let your partner enjoy time alone or with friends. This allows them to maintain their individuality, which it is extremely important for the relationship to flourish.


7. I encourage him to feed his passion

Many times relationships do not work because some of them are not happy with your life. If you encourage to follow their passion, he will be much happier and feel realized as an individual, which will result in a much healthier relationship.


8. By accepting it as it is

Avoid thinking: "I will love more when x or z way" . Life happens today and not in the future, accepts its imperfections and work to improve them together.


9. You must ask what I can give? Rather than what I can get?

Preguúntale your partner what you can do, how you can communicate better with him. Try to make life easier, instead of creating dramas and problems.


10. Create incredible moments

Try to create happy memories at all times, This will be the basis of your relationship and strengthen in difficult times

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