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It matters more than you think of yourself than what others think of you

It matters more than you think of yourself than what others think of you

Sometimes we waste time adapt our actions or thoughts according to what someone else wants, however it is a waste of time to do it and can even be very harmful, because we can get to separate our own identity.


Why this happens?


Being aware of what other people say about us, It implies that we get out of our own way taking the risk of not finding again. Without realizing we are wasting that energy to think and be who we are not instead of using it to meet, to deepen our.


How can we change this way of acting?


Well, is not so easy because we live in a society where our reputation It is important and any opinion that may affect, You can reach us harm.

But being slaves of what people say all the time can be worse. I think the point at which you start to change your life and improve, It will be one in which you are free from what others say or think.

When no longer important what others say you become much more Independent and above all happy, You do what you really like without fear.

And it is, at that time, that your reputation depends on you, and not what anyone else says about you, when you begin to accept and to live the life you want.

A simple exercise to get it is simply, stop. Stop and think do I want to do this? If it is not thus, If you do not feel it has anything to do with you, simply ignore.

He devoted the energies of denial to something more productive and make you feel happier.

Worry about what you think about yourself, Not by what others think of you!


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