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Don't worry whatever you


When we are born, We come to the world with a purpose, a mission, a task, An encomienda, whatever name we give, life in itself is the reason for existence, We have the task of living, to walk with our own feet the path we are destined to go, with all the choices and decisions that we touch, the obstacles and advantages, is our own life, No one can be at all, live it for us.

Thoughts become part of that road, we invade, they are abundant and fill our minds, our spaces, It even seems impossible to stop thinking, When are the thoughts actually the main cause of our fears, conflicts, forward, attachments and frustrations, thoughts constantly feed our emotions, both joy and sadness and become ourselves, in what we believe to actually be, When there is nothing further from the truth than this belief, so rooted, we end up anxious and attentive to what others think of us.


Don't worry whatever you


It sounds somewhat paradoxical, that is counterproductive to live constantly imbued with our own thoughts, Let the life concerned or occupied, the thinking of others towards us, It is not living by the thoughts of others, This is completely illogical, how it is that if still can't educate or debugging my own thinking, I should also be aware of alien thought?.. .esto where you look at is inconsistent, each has its own work and definitely no alien thought is incumbent on us, less still about us because it means that person, It still not realizes that his own thinking keeps him distracted themselves, This makes focusing mainly on generate thoughts about the lives of others.

What other people think of you, you is not responsible, You can not live of them occupied, trying to change your way of thinking toward you, transform your mind or worse yet, demonstrate that it is or not right, because both ends are not nothing healthy, not trying to change the concept that someone has of us by evil be, or try to live to please and keep the satisfaction of thinking, about what someone thinks that we are, or expected to be.

say about you


How we continue in the life?


It corresponds in life take care of the satisfaction yours, Learn how to educate your thinking, to save you from destructive thoughts, negative, evil counselors, nurture the calm, the serenity and stillness that is displayed when the thoughts are absent, This includes not thinking about others, nor is your issue.

If really I come to an understanding, that it is enough with the observation of ourselves, stop judging each other, that suffice to deal with knowing ourselves, rather than live spending power in knowing or knowing the thoughts of others, life would be full.

Every second of life counts, in the present, in the now, invest in your progress, in your inner struggle, to be really better connecting with your true being, with that light everlasting and unbreakable, rather than spending energy trying to come into conflict with what others think about you, that is not up to, do not give you force.


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