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Reach the existential minimalism – tips to get started yourself

Reach the existential minimalism – tips to get started yourself

The existential minimalism minimalist philosophy, It refers to a simple lifestyle, austere and modest. It refers to the Hellenistic discipline, that based on the moderation and detachment with the material, their way of seeing life.

this discipline, It builds on the features of the current minimalismo as multidisciplinary, sharing some fundamental characteristics common in all areas.

The existential minimalism It is not only a philosophy, but is also an ideology yun lifestyle. this doctrine, aspires to fuller life, free and genuine, based on prioritizing experiences over material goods, and the present on the past and future.

Tasks to reach minimalism

Here we present some tips to help you get on the road within minimalism.

Watch your health

Start with your food. Eliminates food of your life that hurt you, as processed foods, refined sugar, white flour, margarines, sunflower oil or other oils refined, animal fats or caffeine. Drink enough water. Come pesticide free food, or plant your own garden. Reduces the amount food you eat: eat only what your body needs. Enough rest. Madruga instead of trasnochar. Do sports. meditates. All this will make you feel better and have more energy to enjoy your day.

Decreases consumption information

Stop watching or reading the news. Do not worry, how important you'll end up enterándote. Stop watching TV. Check subscriptions to magazines or blogs and leave only what you bring something positive to your life. Spend all this time to read books that interest you, to help others or do other things that are important to you.

Organize your time

Put in writing what your mission, your goals (few) and who / what is important to you. Focus your time on that. Use an agenda and some organizational system that releases your mind, como GTD. Be productive, no procrastines. Removed from your schedule so it is not really important.

Select your commitments

Learn to say "no". You can not be everywhere, and you have to prioritize. Commit yourself with people who are really important to you, you bring something positive to your life. Attends events, courses, ... talks to direct you toward your goals and your mission. Take time to people who want.

Accumulate experiences

A study of people on their deathbed completed a high percentage of them did not regret much of what he had done and what they had done. What would you like to do? ¡Hazlo! From learning to tango I to mountaineering in the Himalayas.


Many times we have affection for material things, and it gives us throw penalty. But really, If you think about it, It is not the object itself, but the memory of that object. We also adhere to a home for the moments lived in it. Be detached from the material. Save only that which is very, very important for you, and you get rid of the rest, or let them pictures to remember.

Calm your mind

What are you thinking about? Try to keep your mind calm. Reduces stress, Stay on in here and now. Estate gift, you can not spend life and not you found out. Whenever you can, ten direct contact with nature. Use techniques such as meditation or yoga to find balance and peace of mind.

Enjoy life

Enjoy the little things that life has, live intensely. Do what you really like. Work on what you love. Make new things, that enrich your day. Enjoy your people, with those who want, with those who love you. Leave the problems behind, Do not worry too much about the future. Life must be lived. Live there.


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