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Liberate the stress and happy

Liberate the stress and happy

Says a well-known novelist, If you're brave enough and you dare to say goodbye to something or someone, Free yourself from stress and life will reward you happy. It will give you a new Hello, a new opportunity, a new departure. It offers you new cards to keep playing the game, the same that you thought you were going to lose recently. And you will be able to provide strong, risk and up to sonarás winner.

They say that there is that Learn to let things go, that just so I will check if they are truly our. If you were in your day, but they will not be anymore. Leave now, but they will return at some point. If we didn't have them ever and live for a long time with a band in the eyes. Believing with faith, waiting for a reply that we thought that it would. In vain.

Because yours, yours is.


We must learn to leave what does not create value, what everyone knows as "being a zero to the left". All that remains even when you have the plus sign. What slows down, What ata, what hinders the step up to the more agile runner. That luggage ballast not your wings, as the song says.


Liberate the stress and happy


We must learn to leave all that which scares us, What paralyzes us and created us indecision. Take it as a strong boost and keep walking. Because if not jump the fence, you will miss what lies on the other side. You may like that other side... So, jumps. That and all the protections that come to your meeting.


Beat about the Bush is the easy way


Also must know how to let go what already happened, and there is no turning back. Everything about what you can do nothing, everything that you get in other hands, everything that already does not "touch". Because you know him well, Although you don't want to admit it. Because the opportunity to spent your turn. He jumped it with grace and style, including pole.

We must learn to release tension, that accumulate without being aware and that binding any muscle, without opposing any resistance. Little by little and by steps, from the head to the last nerve of foot. Letting flow these negative energies, bad and harmful, keep unless we have to ask the why. Taking them out.


Welcoming the good


Because what we all need at some point. It may be different for each, but we all need this output. As the chimney ejecting smoke out, leaving the heat in the interior of the House. As that pressure relief valve, as necessary as useful, it releases tensions and avoid an explosion disaster.

Because even though each has a stamina, We all suffer the risk of exploit ever. Emergency call, the wildcard of the public or as you call it. Because not every day, but one day in particular, We need this output.

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