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Law of Attraction: Why not come into your life what you both want?

Law of Attraction: Why not come into your life what you both want?


Why not come into your life what you both want?


Attract. This word that many people associate with negative connotations. Do not create things, We attract them. We attract the circumstances, people, opportunities, knowledge, etc. it allow us to go towards the lines of life where that possibility that we wish to express it is possible.

A principle and a higher law that dominate all others. The principle of Mentalism and the law of attraction. The principle of Mentalism tells us that: “Thoughts are things, what you think is manifested“. But how? Through the law of attraction, that tells us that las similar vibrations vibrating boards and attract.

Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, He was the first to join the matter and energy with its radical formula E = mc2. For Einstein, energy and matter were the same thing just in different form of manifestation. “Everything is energy” said, and I was right, While it was difficult to accept for his scientific colleagues at the time, not to mention for people standing. A barrier impassable between their belief systems and this new reality.


And how then this principle and this higher law?


Everything is energy, but not in the same demonstration. The energy is divided into free energy and concentrated power, this quantum physicists have discovered (the most advanced of all the scientific landscape). The free energy is not yet manifest, its vibration is high. The concentrated energy is an accumulation of free energy which has already been, its vibration is low.

Lower than what we do not see what we see vibrates. What manifests itself makes it by lowering the degree of vibration, that matter is dense, ... for this reason heavier, When you start to apply these principles, It does not happen overnight overnight, but that the universe has to go re-attaching the pieces to make this event possible.

The principle of Mentalism and the law of attraction work follows. With your thoughts, you control the free energy (that it can potentially be anything yet, not yet manifested) and the law of attraction unites energy with another of the same vibrational frequency.

The capacity of direct your thoughts toward what you want It is the great mastery of life, that are not taught neither at school nor in the University, They also taught him at home, but it is the basis of everything that will happen in your life.

Little trained people leave their thoughts free will, a series of circumstances that do not want to, and always blaming cause external of their lack of results; When the single and the real reason is that you don't know well direct your thoughts and therefore no vibes in the frequency of your desire.


Do you want to know on what frequency vibes?


It is very easy to detect. Look at your outside. Look at your life. Look at the people who surround you, your checking account, your levels of energy and vitality, etc. All that It is a reflection of what you have within, your vibration. If you want to change it out, change your vibration frequency. That's all.

Life will put you all front. The right people that will help you, learning that you need to have, the readings that you must read, and also it will remove you from your life everything that you don't need in order to achieve what you want.

The universe is waiting, all the time listening to your desires, but it is not what you want what you get, because the language of the universe is vibration. For this reason, Nicola Tesla, Scientist of Serbian origin father of electric power and the AC, said: “If you want to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration“.


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