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Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

Hopefully everything you spoke were true, hopefully not your actions needed to confirm the void of your words. And hopefully you ever shut up my mouth, trust me you turned me full of admiration.

How many times have we wanted to collect in words what we have done handled by emotions?... How many times we have refused to receive words to correct facts when we hurt?...

Many say that words are gone with the wind, other words hurt more than punches, the fact is that the best support of a person, are their actions.

You can say a thousand things, but nevertheless, if they are not accompanied by actions they have no validity, simply leave the taste of disappointment again and tired of hearing the same story many times.

And so how it applies to oneself, applies to others, I must tell you that you can fill any space, Any second with words, but your actions speak for you, no matter how much you say to convince, I settle for coherent action with your wishes.

Actions speak louder than words

Actions create confidence, veracity, respect and admiration, on the other hand, the words leave only the expectation of being fulfilled and the uncertainty of having some or no credibility.

Decency teaches us to communicate with words, but are actions that strengthen the way, filled life and forge relationships, hence the best teaching method is the example.

Try not to fill your life with empty, of words, of intent, they are your best support actions, the wise silence better and accurate actions to convince a disappointed heart.

Do not live full of your words, I prefer to live away from them and admired for your actions, to be the latter that ennoble your life, no need to burden with words who feels the facts ...


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