In these circumstances, when the pain is stronger as to externalize an eloquent comment about your feelings, you usually feel hopeless, defeated. Search the Internet for something that could help me and I came across something called, automatic writing. This technique is nothing to stop speaking to the heart with hands, because the words do not come, this therapy, to call it somehow, is just let your feelings evacuate all the pain your heart is home, through letters that were translated on paper.

Usually, those feelings always, or most of the time are because of a failed romantic relationship, at that point where your happy world crumbles idealized, you hit rock bottom with him, You feel no way out, and thousands of questions tormentors, why you, there will be someone else, you got bored, I really wanted nunc and only played? The problem is that when everything goes, You do not know how to get back to the real world, You do not know how to end the utopian infatuation and return to being a mere mortal.

Every tear for that love will make you stronger and smarter in your next relationship

Always they have taught us into love, but they never say we do to get out whole when love goes, It is finished or as. Things are always the same, it always hurts us and end differently, but it is always pain, you stop sleeping, to eat, At first it is most critical, You do not know how to just go out and face it. Tears are the daily bread.

Therapies friends are recurrent, and even not stop mourn, because the answers do not come to you, however is when you decide if those tears will let you sink or stay afloat and resume your life, Remember that before this relationship, You had a life, now you get to take it again.

Do not avoid tears, because you can not stop them, and they are what make this lump in my throat that does not let you pass a word, it is they who are stuck between the chest and tongue, and do not let your feelings out, I mean, no tears no healing, You cry what you have to mourn, but do not let them overcome, it reminds you're much more, there is more to you than what took, You have more dignity, more mature, and above all, more love, Fear not fall in love again.

Not all relationships have that end badly, and there is something that will never go away, He is learning to let you that fateful relationship, the tears shed only make you stronger and smarter for the following occasions when you surrender your heart.

Remember that to love, first you have to love herself, Do not forget that when words or leaving is because the heart is full, Help him to unburden, If you can not speak, writes, as tears make you mature.