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The pain of betrayal of a friend

The pain of betrayal of a friend

Betrayed by a friend always hurts, come who come, But apart from painful, the betrayal of a close friend can do us much harm.

These type jokes: “If one day stop being my friend, I have to kill you because you have too much information”, then tell us about precisely the risk that we run in some cases for the trust given to someone else.

Of course many will say that if we are people correct, There should be information that can be used against us, We engage or simply have the potential to generate us a problem. But beyond that if we act or not properly in our lives, a good friend whom we have delivered our confidence, You can have too much information in case you want to do us harm, they will serve as lethal weapons.

Good friends they listen to the things that we would not say no, even those who remotely think, but we would not be able to carry out, they know about our doubts, our complaints, our adventure executed or desired, they know our goodness and that malicious part, that I tend not to show anyone more, they know our truths and lies that at some point we had to pronounce, they know we treat who courtesy even when we'd be much by not having to look him or.

Good friends are there for that, is normal, There is complicity, even when are people who do not have the satisfaction of many, When become part of this intimate group and trust, We feel that these people might even not be favorable for the rest, but for us they are the most, thinking that by having links that unite us and feed the affections, We are free to do with us what they have done to others.

But unfortunately one day we realize that we have sprinkled, that is the confidence that we have for sale or available for any changes, that affection was not so strong, before any opportunity, We have betrayed, We have put in a compromised position, that hurts us and puts us at risk of losing other additional things that friendship, Obviously it was not such.

Betrayed by a friend

Betrayal may have many justifications, However, they are nothing more than excuses for who does not know how to assess what else gives and selfishness, the disguised envy, the need for attention, the desire to delete smiles on faces that are not yours, benefit from some way or simply think that they are doing the best, they can be the most potent arguments at the time betray. Sometimes even these people lose someone to win a new affection.

We can not walk being wary of our friends, just have to see that the betrayal is something potential and if we don't want to feel we are committed, We measure the information that may cause us any damage with use or handling. True friends don't betray, the detail is that this distinction only we can do at the end of the story.


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