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The smile as medicine

The smile as medicine

There are days where you wake up and don't expect anything "special" ahead. Dawn in the usual way, you get up and follow the same routine always automatically. You hardly think of nothing beyond what you have to do in that moment. Because there is much more in what you think. O that think.

Special. How we like to talk about the things important and special. Expect them. Dreaming about them even while awake. To recreate them again and again, giving to the play our imagination and wearing the button of Repeat both use it.

Make hole in the agendas, Noting the d-day and H approximate time, with color pens, post-it and colored ribbons. What is needed. Plan them from beginning to end, to enjoy them from the minute zero, as if a retransmission of a party. Of thinking about tomorrow and what is to come, of combine in future time happiness.

Well strong ties, no scissors can cut


A smile is the best of the medicines you take. Prescribed without a prescription and without being entitled doctor. Spreads with amazing and great ease regardless of race, age or gender. Free all natural analgesic that improve our life.

A smile brings happiness, for you and for all those who are with you. It builds confidence, good vibes and positivism. It attracts, seduces and falls in love with. It is the best dress that you can wear and there is no make-up that matches her. And it's free!

It is key that unlocks the door of the reconciliations, those that sometimes seem insurmountable. It is able to work miracles, calm storms and create the best musical melodies. It is able to alleviate our sorrows, Although not solve them, that's our thing. Us relaxes, gives energy, gives us life. We are life.

The smile as medicine

You don't hide it and share it, they say that it is not good to be selfish.

A simple gesture, but special. Those who like us all. That should be a daily habit, as it is a meal I don't know how many pieces of fruit a day and exercise. Right and duty. Smile Yes or Yes. Those who are born alone, without thinking, without forcing us to do so. Natural and spontaneous 100%.

Is a lovely form start to the day. A grey day, boring and monotonous at first. It did not promise much, until start to promise a lot. It began as another somebody, until it became a day that would be worthwhile to remember. And not great things, but for a little "accident".

Because of a morning reunion, unexpected and casual, one would be best and most massive. With coffee and accompanying chocolate cake. Surrounded by a good company, of the best, that for years pass, they remain intact. That you end up knowing little and just thinking about the next.

Because There is always a next. A next call, unexpected but welcome, When you're lost in the supermarket shopping. An upcoming casual encounter while walking the dog any day. A next message of breaking that happy what remains of the day. Or night.

Because if it is nice to start the day with a smile, better yet is to finish it smiling.

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