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Mind and meditation

Mind and meditation

One of the first things that you learn about the mind when you start with meditation is that has many minds.

This is because you have many different ideas on how to meet your needs and find the welfare, and many different desires based on those ideas.

These ideas are reduced to different notions about what constitutes happiness, where this can be found and who are you as a person: your needs of certain types of pleasure and your skills to provide you such pleasures.

As a consequence, every desire acts like a seed for a particular type of perception of who you are and the world that surrounds you.

Buddha was a technical term for such perception of the identity of the self in such a world of experiences: He called it to become.

Takes note of such term and the concept behind it, Since it is central to understanding why you causes you same stress and suffering and how you learn to stop it.

If you think the concept strange, think about when you're starting to go to sleep and some image site appears in your mind. You enter the image, you lose contact with the outside world, and it is then when you have entered the world of dreams.


Mind and meditation


This world of dreams, more the perception of having entered into it is a form of to become.

Once you realize this process, You'll see that, truly, not only occurs in dreams, but that occurs many times throughout the day.

To get rid of stress and suffering caused by such a process, You'll have to look at the many to become you yourself believe in search to meet your needs- the created for your wishes "I", as well as the different worlds that inhabit - since only when you have carefully examined these things you can free yourself from limitations.

You will notice that, in some cases, different desires share common ideas of what happiness is and who you are yourself (as, For example, the desire to establish a stable family safety).

In other cases, the ideas presented conflicts (as, For example, certain wishes for your family contradict your desires to achieve certain immediate pleasures regardless of its consequences).

Some of these wishes belong to the same worlds created in your mind, other conflicting worlds and other completely different worlds. The same applies to the different perceptions of your "self" living in each of these worlds.

Some of your "self" are in harmony among them, others are incompatible, and others bear absolutely no relation.


You and your “I” Interior


There are many and very different ideas in your mind over your 'I', each with their own agenda.

Each of these "I" is a member of the Committee of the mind. You'll see that the mind seems less a single mind and an uncontrolled crowd: many different voices with also different opinions about what you should do.

Some members of the Committee are open and honest about taken decisions behind their wishes.

Others are more dark and twisted. Each Member of the Committee seems like a politician: in search of votes and strategies to satisfy their desires.

Some of these members are honorable and idealistic, others are not. So the Committee's mind seems less a meeting of Saints planning a charitable act and the Assembly of a corrupt government, in which power is always changing hands between the different factions and most of the dealings are made in the corridors.

One of the purposes of meditation is that such dealings will be openly in the Assembly, so You can impose some order in the Committee, so your wishes for happiness to work always in the same direction, and not in opposite directions.

Think of your different desires as if it were the different members of a Committee also of help you understand that, When certain objectives in the practice of meditation goes against some of these desires, not going against all.


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