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The legend of the red thread of love

The legend of the red thread of love

An Eastern legend that to get to know people are connected by a red thread. This thread never disappears and remains constantly tied to their fingers, Despite the time and distance.

No matter that afternoon to know that person, No matter the time that passes without seeing her, It didn't even matter if you live on the other side of the world: the yarn will stretch to infinity but will never break. Its owner is the destination.


Love red thread


This thread has been with you since your birth and will accompany you, tension to a greater or lesser extent, more or less entangled, throughout your life. A thread that will decide their future, a thread that will guide these souls so that they never lost...


The legend of the red thread


“Long long ago, an emperor learned that in one of the provinces of his Kingdom there lived a very powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread of fate and sent it to bring in the presence.

When the witch came, the Emperor ordered him to find the other end of the wire that was attached to the little finger and take him before that would be your spouse. Witch agreed to this request and began to follow and follow the thread. This search led them to a market, where a poor peasant girl with a baby in arms offered their products. To get to where it was this peasant, He stopped in front of it and invited her to stand. He made the young emperor approached and told him: «Here ends your thread», but upon hearing this the Emperor infuriated, believing that it was a mockery of the witch. This pushed to the farmer who still wore their little baby in her arms and made her fall, the baby-making became a large wound on the forehead. Then, He ordered his guards who stopped the Witch and was cut the head.

Many years later, the time in which this emperor should marry and his court recommended that it was best that it both to the daughter of a very powerful general.

The Emperor accepted this decision and all preparations began to wait for who would later be chosen as spouse of the Great Emperor. It came the day of the wedding, but above all had time to see the face of your spouse for the first time.

She entered the temple with a beautiful dress and a veil covering it completely his face. To lift her veil first saw that this beautiful face had a peculiar scar on the forehead. It was the scar that he himself had provoked by rejecting their own fate years earlier. A destination that the witch had placed it facing you and decided that disbelieving.


The teaching of the legend of the red thread according to the Japanese tradition has to do with the understanding of the destination and the role that plays the love in this thread. It clearly shows that are intended for love, We cannot escape from the person that was born for loving.

This legend is so deeply rooted in the cultures Oriental that millions of people have attached to them a true red thread tied to the finger. About this legend is not clear about whether the source is Chinese or Japanese. Said that the legend began to know that lunar artery connects the little finger (other sources speak of the annular, What has more tradition in our culture) with the heart, source of life and forever designed as the home of love...

A red thread that we do not impose our whims or our ignorance, a red thread that we will not break or fray. A direct red wire to the heart, What connects to the eternal love, to the deep, those who symbolize the before and for which there are no later. A mother's love, a father's, a brother, a child's, from a friend, a man or a woman... A red thread symbolizing the love and the common interest...


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