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Happiness at Christmas

Happiness at Christmas

It's Christmas and breathes relaxed atmosphere, children three years already with their tablets or discovering the options offered by their smart phones, you surely know very well handle. Some more, They will have given away clothes or video games or some interesting fragrance.

I mean, they are happy. And it is reason enough to speak shortly happiness, because I'm breathing much happiness ...

But happiness is ephemeral as fact, as something that is always about to happen, This is achieved with light sketches, but they are enough to believe in it and hooked it. Happiness and hope for something better, palliation, as soothing action but will soon.

Treat yourself present it is also giving us a bit of what we; I mean, happiness, because we need, because life has to be and not to bother with it, on the other hand, without it we would be indolent, bodies.

Share by gifts, something that consciously or not we think you need other, It is a hopeful act, It is an injection time. Aristotle said that happiness is doing good, good as a virtue, as a practical essence of love. Love as an act that keeps us alive.

The 24 and 25 December is not in itself a single act such as sharing with family, but there are several, a multitude of those who come together for a purpose, that of bring happiness, not appearance, but as need naturally it needs to be human.

Without the hope of complete happiness, What would we? How far we would arrive without these short periods of happiness? Because happiness is momentum, Bone is tied to a stick dog scampers hoping to someday reach.

And we know what it tastes like happiness even momentary enough for us to want to catch, to live with it forever, and Christmas makes us believe that this meeting is possible.

Happiness at Christmas

Someone said that "imagine happiness is better to have it"And in the case of the holidays, this phrase fits perfectly, because there is no bigger event in the calendar that combines elements endless imagination stimulated by, that Christmas, his Santa Claus, the birth of Christ, family union, etc.

But again, It helps us, the festival helps us to rediscover and embrace, it is no coincidence that even the most unexpected tribes, have festive rites; I mean, celebrations which in turn are parties, which in turn they are necessary spaces happiness.

Thales said that "Body happiness is based on health; the understanding, in the know"". Because Christmas is also a turning point, reconfiguration, a treatment to improve our health becomes precarious as they spend months.

We arrived at Christmas with the hope of good health, even tricking, because there are a number of circumstances that surpass us in this area: we can not avoid not get sick.

However, that other happiness spoken in the appointment, the reference to the understanding, in the know, itself can be achieved, perhaps imaginary is the least of all: the study, reading and other generators of knowledge, They are lasting and real, no one can deny knowledge of a person when it proves to talk.

then think of at least imaginary Christmas offers: knowledge generation, more understood being. In this way, yes we share the fleeting happiness, but also lasting.


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