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The battles within ourselves

The battles within ourselves

The truth is that each person pound their own internal battle (some even World War III). A battle which often do not know the most important details because these are only registered in the mind of the person pound. On the other hand, a person with good or bad intent rare time is aware of how harmful it can be for others and for herself.

This unconsciousness becomes frequent reason for an alien intent: Our mind is like a locomotive that creates thoughts without pause, a frantic and dizzying. Tumbles all, produces scenarios of what happens around us, It makes assumptions, creates new ideas and concepts, thinks and rethinks, It anticipates the worst and make judgments about others ... And also about ourselves. Of course.


The internal battle


That incessant hammering tortures us, It harms us and leaves us as a souvenir "mental junk". Scientists say that we have more than 60000 daily thoughts. It is estimated that many of these thoughts (the 80% approximately) in most people are negative, toxic, dysfunctional ...

We operate in automatic much of the time. Like this, We are extremely influenced by our beliefs; convictions that formed in our childhood and rooted through our experiences. Some of these beliefs are in our subconscious, and those beliefs are born our thoughts and immediate judgments.

internal battle


Mind and his deceptions


If some of your beliefs are wrong or unhealthy, many of your thoughts and judgments will be also. We are constantly judging, we judge ourselves and others. But the truth is that the most frequent consequence is suffering. Our mind makes judgments to protect, for survival, but this does not mean that ultimately these judgments abet the purpose for which they were "summoned".

We think the other has the same view and partly we suffer so much. But no, each perceives life with a different glasses and which to me means one thing, for you it probably means another. And the lie to believe that everyone should be our view (our course), we dare to judge others. Even ourselves, forgetting the fallacy that encloses judge the past from the future, knowing the consequences of an action which then were not safe, only likely. Like some other.

In the two cases they are not the others who make you suffer. In the first are the proper expectations you have about those people who make you suffer. We expect others to be as we want and we become unable to accept them as they really are. That is the beginning and the end of the battle, at the same time

Paradoxically, when you stop judging others and crush, also you stop judging yourself and crush you, because the way in which we judge usually also the mode in which we judge ourselves.


Acceptance and love cure everything


When you accept your essence (including all your shadows), you begin to see tenderly the shadows of others. When we think someone does not attack, in the background can that someone is fighting his own internal battle. They do from unconsciousness, from their emotional wounds and their survival strategies learned in childhood, when they felt deeply wounded in their search for love and acceptance. Sometimes, many times, all this leads them to do so.

For this reason, when you think someone attacks, remember it is probably not a conscious attack, but a shadow you imagine the other projects or unintentionally, at least without that intention.

Love increases as judgment decreases

We have to accept when other people do not behave as we would like, when we take care of us the way we want but do another. We are here today to want to judge, to feel that to reason. Like this, if someone draws a circle to exclude you, Draw your larger one to include him.

Remember that love increases as judgment is made flexible, compassionate and merciful. Love gives us happiness, the strict judgment gives us suffering. Do not understand love as something that can be removed as a reinforcement or punishment: unconditional love is above that.


Victim or responsible for the battle?


If we stop judging and start to look with the heart, our sufferings begin to disappear. Or you choose to be a victim or you choose to be responsible. The victim justifies, lies, culpabiliza, complains and surrenders. Responsible assumes that you have in your life is not due to external circumstances, but that created it himself and he is the only one who can change your reality.

Life will provide experiences you open your eyes, but it is your decision to be a victim or responsible. And he who does not learn from its own history, life is condemned to repeat their mistakes. They are different experiences in their ways, but just in their background.


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