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The Ballad of Mulan

The Ballad of Mulan

The famous film of Mulan is based on a short Chinese poem called anonymous author “The Ballad of Mulan” This is a unique work within the Northern tradition of medieval China, that was written in the century VI approximately; which is quite short, but in spite of this a too-beautiful story.

The poem follows the unexpected adventures of a girl who goes to war disguised as a soldier to replace his father, leaving your family and everything what you know. After several years of service finally soldiers returning home, but before leaving Mulan has audience with the son of heaven, for his bravery in battle she could receive the reward of one hundred thousand coins or belong to the Court however the only thing that she asks is a horse carrying her back to House.

We know the story for the film however always its origin is more interesting since it is a history of hundreds of years quite surprising for its originality and teaching.

The Ballad of Mulan

We leave the poem so that you can enjoy.

The legend of Mulan

The insects held with his singing evening.
Mulan is weaving before the door.
It is not heard to rotate the shuttle,
only the cries of the girl.
They ask where your heart is.
Asked where is your thinking.
You are thinking of nothing,
If it is not in King Kong, his beautiful beloved.
The list of the Army occupies 12 rolls
and the name of its father figure in all of them.

There is one higher father son,
one brother to Mulan.
"I will go to buy horse and a Chair,
I will go to fight for our father.»
You have purchased a horse from porte in East,
you have purchased on West Chair and cushion,
you have purchased a flange in the South
you have purchased a good whip in the North.

At dawn he says goodbye to his father and his mother;
When night falls, Camping next to the Yellow River.
Not already heard the call from his father and his mother,
just splash in the water horse.
Dawn abandoned Yellow River;
When night falls, arrives at the Black Mountain.
Not already heard the call from his father and his mother,
just horses whinnying in the mount.

It crossed thousands of miles in search of the war,
He ran as flying by mountains and steps,
the cierzo blasts brought iron,
in the light of the Moon shone armor.
There the generals fighting in one hundred battles
died, and after ten years
they were returning to their home, brave, the soldiers.

Back, It is received by the son of the Sun,
sitting in the room of the glares.
Awarded medals for his merits many,
It offers crisp duck wings by thousands.
The Khan has asked what you want to do now.
«Mulan does not need official honours,
give me a sturdy well light helmets donkey
and send me back to my parents."

When listening to her parents that her daughter is coming,
the two go to see her, realizing of nudges.
When you hear his sister approaching his sister,
It is arranged and is placed in front of the door.
When you hear his brother that his sister is coming,
take the knife edged, sacrifice a lamb.

"I opened the door of my fourth Eastern,
and in the Western sat down on the bed.
I took off my armor that had been in the war
and I've put the clothes I brought in another time.
In front of the mirror, near the window
I've brushed my matted hair
and I have decorated my forehead with Golden petals."
When Mulan came out before his comrades,
everyone was surprised, perplexed quedaronse.
Twelve years were with her in the army
and none knew that it was a girl.

The legs of the rabbit jump more,
the eyes of the female are rather smaller,
but when you see a couple down the field,
who can distinguish the rabbit Hare?

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