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Fleeing emotions

Fleeing emotions

We have lived relationships that have made us happy, others have been excruciatingly painful, other storm ... All this has led us to think and question what love really is. Is it something that really exists? Is it something that just recreate in our minds?

emotional dependencies, emotional deprivation ... all this leads us to create in us emotions that are just that, our creations, illusions that we really believe, but they do not actually exist.

It is sometimes all started to flee emotions, immersing ourselves in relationships whose feelings are sections ... But, How long can that?


empty relations


Currently, are the order of the day terms like "follaamigos" or "friends with benefits" among many others who do nothing but reflect relations empty feelings, at least, amorous.

The diversity of relations there today enriches us, but at the same time it makes us feel empty time.

How many relationships in which feelings were sections have ended well? People who have lived them tell you they never end well, because at the end of the two ends enamorando, or did you believe in love?

Increasingly difficult for us, to much, believe more in the concept of relationship and it really makes us ask ourselves what is love and what is a couple.

We are born with some preconceived ideas that lead us, until the moment when we stop to think about whether we are really being happy or are following the rules that society expects us to arrive.

Get out of these patterns makes us free and, also, enables us to find the happiness so much easier. But it also makes us feel lost.

We do not want to feel alone, We do not want to feel empty. But, contrarily, We not find the words necessary at the time to try to show or describe our feelings.

We are emotional beings


We are emotional beings and that we must accept. Escape our emotions, trying to placate our feelings, It is something unnatural. Why then do we run from them?

The simple answer. We fled our emotions and our feelings because sometimes hurt. Hurt so much that we can not with them, they hurt we destroy both inside.

Feelings are the most wonderful thing, but also the most destructive. Think of the times you've had to recompose your pieces. Certainly they have been more than one.

The positive thing about all this, We are always learn of each stage of pain. Much more than each stage of happiness. Through these stages of grief we can learn, We can regroup and become new people.

We raise walls that prevent hurt us, We deny the obvious, We love but refuse to satiety, We hide what we feel protecting at the same time we hurt ourselves.

New relationships we have are mere consumption, relationships when they consume and the feelings we get away.

Also hurt relations, if we close our eyes to it. Throwaway relationships that affect us but do not want to see. Relations What, time, We mark of near and far.

We must learn to be brave. Sooner or later you'll want to tear down that wall around you, It will give you just being hurt again, because having that wall around you tired, exhausted, Map…

You want to feel again, You want to return to the brink of the precipice where you do not know if someone will grab you from behind or loose. But you'll want to take that risk.

Run away, flee and escape exhausted ... We can not be running all our lives and less of something that is innate to us. Accept your emotions, because you and you can not ignore. Asúmelas. They will give good and bad times.

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