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9 habits of couples who fall in love over and over again

9 habits of couples who fall in love over and over again

We want to share with you 9 things that make those couples who have not lost the charm, and although they have difficulties, strengthened and still in love:


1. Evitan acomodarse


Often relationships become routine, and it is there, at the time they are put aside dreams and there are only memories, when a relationship begins to die. For this reason, couples who fall in love over and over again know they have to be set aside or accommodate all the other.

Keep a little of themselves, of that mystery by which known, for weeks, months or years, is always novel and the power of enchantment own love.


2. experience


The easy way for anyone is to feel comfortable in an area which over time have learned to master.

But relations also have to face new challenges and create. Couples who fall in love again and again try new things, other than the routine.

It's nice to create a space for both, they made things (They can be simple gestures or some activity in common), because this creates a common identity and reinforces the moments together.


3. sexual Life


Sex life is crucial to develop privacy and security in the couple.

Think so couples who fall in love over and over again, without losing the passion.

This is fostered and maintained over time thanks to different sexual routines and romantic.

Since this means that now become something new to discover every day in the couple.


4. do not control


Couples who fall in love over and over again rely on their relationship. They know it's not necessary to ask for explanations or to know every step your partner.

Sometimes the mistake of inadvertently controlling the other person is committed and that eventually turn it into a destructive relationship as something that causes feelings of suspicion, distrust, doubts, etc., which ends up making them suffer both, and wear love.

For this reason it is important to identify why certain insecurities and heal in time.


5. They are given space


Couples who fall in love over and over again looking to have a sense of freedom and personal space,but that does not make them lose everything they have built together.

Let us spaces in the couple, open ourselves to have time for our own stuff and friends.

Like this, then we get enriched with experiences and people to share with the person we love so much.


6. Show


Couples who fall in love over and over again know they must do things to keep the other person next.

Not take for granted that you just need to be with your partner to stay united.

Actions and words are crucial, because they are cultivating so fundamental everyday in every person.

Why we are afraid to say what we feel our partner, for he will also want to feel and say that sort of thing.

Both the feel and want to express.


7. rationalizes


It is very important for couples to communicate what happens, but be careful when expressing.

Couples who fall in love over and over again instead of telling everything that happens, something impulsive and as they come to mind, test to look for different points to lean on when they see they do not have a good day or anything worry too.

On the contrary, the risk of load and stifle relationship with many things running. First you reflect on what is meant, and then put it calm and rational manner, always with the love he feels for another.


8. Learn code comprehension


This is like riding a bicycle, the top one wobbles because it has learned technique, but later, if widely practiced, matador is.

Thus couples who fall in love over and over again to learn how to love or understand your partner are fundamental things in the relationship.

The feel understood by the person we love makes us feel in a very special way, establishing a link above many others with whom we interact.


9. They find the point


Beyond the differences between women and men we do not stop being people who want things quite similar in a relationship: respect, affection, admired feel, dear and understood, etc.

For this reason, couples who fall in love again and again find the exact point of connection with the other: surrender without losing its essence, as it is this from which the other person fell in love.

You have to be proud to be loved as we are.


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