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Your reality and the people who review

Your reality and the people who review

What people criticizing you think is your reality, not yours. They know your name, but not your story, they have not lived in your skin, they have no shoes your shoes.

What others know about you is what you've told them or that have been able to guess, but not know neither your angels to your demons.

It often costs us understand ourselves but we venture brave to decipher the code of the alien feeling. You can't have any kind of certainty of what others feel. In the same way, We cannot know what you have lived and what they have learned or not.

Therefore, We should not give importance to what others say about us, so his words are due to a illusory reality your mind has created with the desire to know everything about our lives...


People who criticize


There are people who give their opinion about you, about your life and your decisions even if no one has requested it be.

They tend to be malicious or otherwise opinions of all criteria whose sole purpose is to harm, belittling and enjoy non-regret.

Usually, people with low self-esteem who does not accept herself, so you can hardly accept others.

These people put tags that reflect the reality of how they feel themselves, so projecting their emotional difficulties.


We are the only ones we can go our way


It is likely that if we could get into the body and mind of others, We do not atreviésemos to judge. However, the offer would be worth to be able to assess our courage. It would be a true test of fire.

Separate fantasies, We must take responsibility for rating us and stop condemning ourselves as the only.

What others think of us not putting a price. I mean, in the same way that we don't let that they tell us what clothes have to put us or how we dress ourselves, We don't have to let others choose our emotional wardrobe.


People who criticize


If we live according to what others think of us, We will lose our style and our personality. We will be forced to wear a mask and our image in the mirror only reflected our insecurity and the lack of healthy self-esteem.


Cure our part damaged by criticism


To heal the emotional wounds causing us criticism, We must have clear, First of all, that we are unique and exceptional people. In accordance with this, We must lose the fear to feel and think for ourselves.

They are the others who are judging and criticizing, No, you. Not constructive criticism carries great emotional poverty in the inner world of who does it.

Therefore, If the person is not left to enrich, on these occasions you should be emotionally selfish and "that each stick hold your sail".

It flees from the negativity and you think that your life is much easier without getting in each other's lives. We give you some keys so you claim yourself:

  1. As discussed, the direct consequence of giving credit to what others think and say is that we just becoming someone that we are not. And, Of course, wanting to please others at the expense of our identity is not healthy.
  2. Are you a good mother? Are you a person with success? Are you smart? Do you make good your work? Like others? You realize all the energy you lose worrying about these issues.
  3. Anyway, others think about us much less than we think. I mean, We tend to feel the eyes of the rest of the people when, In fact, It can be that what we do is not relevant for many of those of us around. Take off that fear, is largely a figment of your imagination.
  4. Gives equal what you do and how to do it, There will always be someone who misinterpreted him. So you try to live and act naturally. What you do because you feel it always will be right. Not only you can not justify te, but you'll be false if you do not tune with yourself.

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