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8 phrases that can save your relationship

8 phrases that can save your relationship

The conflicts, discussions and chill in a couple They can cause the relationship to fall slowly. If you want to keep your relationship ends, then you need to understand that you must fight for it every day and be aware of what you do, especially what you say.


Save your relationship


There are certain phrases that are key to saving a relationship, and are not complicated as you imagine, in fact They are so simple What, If you really love your partner, naturally come from your lips.


1. "Sorry"


We all make mistakes and sometimes it costs a little accept them and ask forgiveness from whoever. However, if you do not know, ask forgiveness at the right time can have big consequencesand can help you improve things.

If you listen to your partner and if you're able to take your mistakes, then things can go well. No one tells you not to argue, but apologize when necessary, I assure you that everything will improve.


2. "I understand you"


Put yourself in the shoes of the person you love is a great reflection of the trust and love you have you. If you are able to understand and converse without getting defensive, then it will be easier to lighten things.

Remember that each person lives their own conflicts and fighting his own inner demons, so put yourself in your partner's feet occasionally will help you better understand your behavior.


3. "What's wrong?""


It's a way to show your partner you care what happens. You show concern, trust and, at the same time, love.

Ask what happens when you see your despondent or angry couple It is a good way to improve things, because you will feel all you want to let off steam, tell what bothers him or cause him grief. You listen, analyzes and contains if necessary.


4. "We can fix it together"


It's a good way to lead the way and show your partner that can solve anything, but always being together. Identify problems and bring the best of yourself to make things work.

A relationship is two, and both alike have to fight to make things better.



5. "I'll do my best"


An important part of solving a conflict is show your partner that You do your best to improve your mistakes and you will fight in the best way so that the relationship to grow and strengthen.


6. "I did not wanted to hurt you"


We can not avoid saying things that might hurt someone, although you should always try to avoid harming your partner, apologize on time is the best thing you can do to remedy what you did.

Let your partner do not want to hurt her, because it is important for you.


7. "What do you need?""


Or "What I can do for you?"" It is a great way to show your partner that you are willing to fight for the relationship.

It makes you understand that what you feel is real and you have full intention to make things better, Because your love is strong and do not let decay at nothing.


8. "I love / I love you"


It is certainly the most important phrase.

It is one that fully shows that your feelings are true.

It is to tell your partner to be there always, that you support, you fight for your relationship and you will not let anything or anyone separate them.

It is to show that it is important for you.

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