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6 ways to open your heart to love

6 ways to open your heart to love

In the life, This is not to be looking always love, It is about opening the heart to enter good energy that allows us to love and to love again.

After the amorous disillusions We close the heart so that nobody has the power to hurt us again, However, at some point we have to start again. It is not need a partner to be happy, but it is finding someone who accompany us in life and share our joys and our sorrows.

If you do not know how open yourself to love again Pay attention to these 6 ways that will help:


1.- Live in the present


We will life thinking about what was and was not successful, or thinking about what will and has not yet reached. We need to stop putting so much energy into that and focus on everyday.

Do not think about what will happen, simply let life surprise you and meanwhile enjoy the moment.


2.- Be open to new emotions


How long ago you did not feel butterflies in the stomach? How long ago did not get excited by the guy who asks you out?

You may be repressing these feelings as a defense mechanism. Not all people are bad, not all will hurt you.

Be more spontaneous, Do not keep thinking about what is acceptable and what is not. Cry if it's what you need, laughs loudly or scream with rage if that is what will make you feel better, but do not hold back.

3.- You accept what you live


Sometimes it's not what you want or simply think you do not deserve, but you should know that in the long run will be worth it. What you need is learn and move on.


4.- A glass of wine


It is clear that alcohol will not solve your problems, but a glass of wine will help you relax and enjoy your present.

Can be gratifying Be have an appointment with yourself and drink a glass of wine while enjoying a nice night. Try it, It is healing.


5.- Add some green in your life


Green is a color that brings energy, balance, esperanza, health and harmony. It is a good color for someone who needs to start again.


6.- Solves relationship with you


It is the most important relationship, If you can not forgive and accept hard to find someone who can do it for you.

Someone will soon appear love your scars and be happy with you. Do not rush, solitude is a beautiful moment that you can take to repair your relationship with. But when you let love again you will see that love is still a beautiful feeling.


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