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Continue life after the end of a relationship

Continue life after the end of a relationship

You always said that you formarías part of me for life, you always said that you ocuparías in my heart that space as you just know how to do it, that nobody could replace your touch on my skin and in my soul, you are part of me and that nothing can change it, pretend that our relationship will last for the fact not be together physically is not an illusion, one of those jokes that you don't understand, but perhaps you smile by looking...

We were perhaps exaggerated to think that forever we will be together, However, I think that we were rather conservative, that ours goes beyond the understandable, of the dimensions that we handle here, our love will simply last for ever, that "forever" which breaks the boundaries between life and death and simply takes us to the infinite...

How many love stories conclude without affecting that love felt, How many"that is the love of my life"we listen to pronounce for people who think far in that special".

Love is the feeling more pure and more resistant if it is true, If manifests without attachments and needs, It is unconditional and that includes considering that people living it can be separated or having completed a relationship.

end of a relationship

There are many reasons why a couple may decide to end a relationship of love and in many cases the love, If that point has not, you are fading as time passes.

However, in many cases the love remains despite the rupture, Despite the circumstances and time-.

Son amores that is you treasure in the heart perhaps to only whisper them occasionally, with the intention that we only hear them.


The end of a relationship


The loves that remain after the relationship may represent a problem for the people who live it, since they can manifest itself as a limitation to be with people who may be more feasible to build a relationship.

There are those who spend all their life just waiting to return to be with someone, There are those who idealize in your mind to those who love and nobody can reach the high standards that awaken a real interest and there are those who aware of the relationship ended and that they will continue loving resume their lives in the best way.

Definitely the condition favored by most to experience love is togetherness, having that person, feel it and have it, But if this is not possible, is due, without wishing to start this love of the mind and heart, give you a place that does not interfere with the rest of life.

Live love seems everyday, but not many actually come to feel it, so regardless of the conclusion it is convenient to thank for the experience, satisfaction generated by live that feeling, with the necessary intensity as so that it is in a pleasant Forever.

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