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8 stupid things you should not do for love

8 stupid things you should not do for love

Love is the most beautiful feeling you can feel, but you must always keep in mind there 8 cosas que jamás debes hacer guiado por este sentimiento o terminarás viviendo un terrible infierno.


1- Leaving aside family and friends


It's best to unite our family group or friends to no one is left out.


2. Rejecting a job opportunity


Actually would you be willing to set aside your personal achievement for someone you love?. Think about it.


3. Lend money


If you do not have much time with your partner, ten watch out, you do not know what their intentions are with that money.


4. Loss of dignity


Run after someone who has no interest in you, it does not make any sense.


5. Allowing a third party


That would allow you to enter the cycle of humiliation.


6. Commit a crime


In addition it is very serious, I do not think you want to live in hiding from justice depriving yourself of your freedom.


7. Allow disrespect


If there is no respect there is no love, no affection, then ... would you be with someone who does not love you?


8. Be the other


Have a love half is the worst thing you can do, live always sharing the love of the person who claims to love ... .I do not think you want to live like this.



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