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5 reasons why we keep choosing relationships that are not for us

5 reasons why we keep choosing relationships that are not for us

Often we idealize an image of what we think should be love: we have an idea of ​​what we want, what we want and how we should live love at this age that makes it impossible to see reality.

We were in relationships that are not really for us, with people who make it impossible that we show ourselves as we are, situations that make us feel afraid to show us vulnerable.

We believe that this love will save us, it will be just what we needed, we will complete and will make us happy. At the end of the way the story is always the same: sadness and disappointment. Why do we keep staying in these relationships? The answer is simple: Because we do not know exactly what we want.

It is time to accept it and do something about it, because if there is something we must change, is this loving experience that leaves us increasingly empty.


1. We believe in a perfect love


We believe in a love like in the movies and ran to every little discussion and to each sign indicating that the person we have in front is very different from what we thought.

We do not give opportunities to meet anyone in depth and that is why we never have a real relationship: We do not understand that love has nothing to do with perfection.

Thus we ignore those who could have been great and we were with that person who does not suit us.


2. We believe that person will end the emptiness we feel


Another problem we have in choosing wrong is that we believe that someone else will end all our problems. Instead of realizing that we are solely responsible to make sense of our lives we intend to have someone else do it for us.

If we continue to think so, we will always be doomed to failure.

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3. We are disconnected from ourselves


Somewhere along the way we lost the connection we had with ourselves and for years we have been doing things that we should do, behaving in ways that reflect who we were supposed.

The truth is that much of the time we feel that nothing makes sense and this is something that is clearly reflected in our pursuit of love: If we do not know ourselves how can we show to someone else?


4. No we are honest with ourselves


We do not tell the truth because often ashamed to admit that we want a serious relationship, we want someone who does not laugh at our shortcomings, we want to show us vulnerable, but that often scares us.

This is how we end up projecting an image that says nothing matters to us, it's all a game and therefore, we attract people to our lives this style.


5. We seek happiness in the wrong places


We believe that love will save us and make us happy, and while it is true that love can make us happy, the truth is that nobody has the power to change what is inside: only ourselves.

Thus we believe that we have been deceived, when the only culprits were we with our false expectations.

Relationships often accept that we are not for us only because of the fear of being left alone, but after several experiences I think I begin to understand that the worst is not left alone: but stay with someone with whom we can never have a real connection.

It's time to stop giving excuses and look around: no longer we deserve to have these relationships that make us so much evil.


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