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Are you an honest person ?

Are you an honest person ?

There are still honest people, responsible for, sincere, friendly, able to, loving, sensitive and respectful. There is still people that moves away from the bitterness, of selfishness, the hypocrisy and arrogance. They are people who comfort, that make us believe that humanity is not lost, it help us to recover the faith in the possibility of regenerating a world corrupted by the interests, lying and falsehood.

Its appearance is good-natured, attentive, humble, but they don't know it. They don't know that they represent everything that makes us smile, they don't know how important that can be up to the most insignificant details.




Wonderful people not only brings smiles, comfort and happiness, but that It offers us beautiful memories that are transformed into life lessons through our emotions.

Because we met good people we learn that they are worth more good deeds than intentions and that what we offer to others always is returned us multiplied. Even with everything, We also learn that the best reward is the one within us.

Life is not stability but is know walking in balance, and to do that we need to feel good about ourselves. To achieve this, the only option is to reject the bad intentions and learn from negative emotions.



The fact that we do not always have good intentions and good feelings do not make us bad people, but in normal people. In this sense there is much confusion, Since we tend to label or rating the totality of a person by isolated events.

Or is, We should not explode like a volcano or leave certain circumstances we dominate. Obviously going to feel envy when someone has something that we yearn for or, For example, We see that others move forward in your life while we are stuck.

This never makes us to detract the good adjectives. Like this, with the simple fact of being aware that we can not escape nor the negative feelings and emotions, We can accomplish to take the next step in the growth of our emotional intelligence.



In general, We say that are emotionally intelligent people who are characterized by being fair, true, loyal, honest, prudent and respectful. The truth is that these are aspects that tend to define balanced people.

How we know, very few people manage to make them disappear and dare I point out that never make it in its entirety (among other things because it goes against our emotional nature). To overcome them, we have to work certain aspects, see them:

1-We need to understand them
As we have said, We have to get rid of the idea that our emotions are intolerable and take one more step beyond when it comes to consolidating these new beliefs. When those emotions that we consider destructive think in them and which generated them.

2-Get rid of fear
Being emotional beings is not something bad or negative, isn't it? From this same reasoning we can tell to feel envy or anger at any given time is not. At the end, and after the, the assertion is the same, only when speaking of envy we are specifying and being more specific.

May we find more tolerable to think about the naturalness with which a child gets angry or feels jealous. We know that we don't have him to reprimand for this, but we have to make him understand how you are feeling. Why do not we do us the same? It is exactly the same. Understand it and internalize it will help us not to fear to our nature and our emotions.

3-We must get rid of the labels
As a general rule, the human being tends to make internal attributions, Global behaviors of others considered to be negative and stable. With ourselves, we are more benevolent, just fearing that that same rule of three others to do the same with us.

Usually we are not aware of this happening as is in our minds, But yes We know the damage that implies that others consider us as something that does not define us.

4-Cultivating emotional balance
While we could consider destructive emotions as those that are harmful for us and others, the truth is that only become destructive when disrupt our mental balance.

Or is, not so much feel wrath, How to stop this is prolonged in time and we destroy. Although It is not easy to load each emotion with good feelings, It is the path that we must walk to reach mental serenity We both crave and admire.

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