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You're just a stereotype


For a long time in our lives as women we heard that we must be in a way, "Please be respectful", "Sit well, a lady sitting cross-legged ", "That skirt is too short", "Man is the one who has the command of the relationship can not raise her voice", a lot of phrases, loaded with prejudices and are even alluding to a lifestyle that does not want to take, which it is to be a submissive woman or tied to a specific stereotype, and that Who he said we wanted to be labeled something? It was time to separate yourself from those voices from the past and you begin to live like you same woman, as you want to live, with whom you have always wanted to live.

It is reasonable to have internalized each of these repeated phrases you for too long without rest, and you're gone adapting them to your way of being to the point and follow to the letter in an automated way, but the truth is that if you're not yourself every day and every hour, You're wasting your life, and that's something we can not afford.

You're just a stereotype

One of the most common things that we are subjected women, It is to be under a physical stereotype, "You can not weigh more than 60 kg "" If you're not carving 0 You can not get this job, "" Men do not look nice if you leave those love handles around the waist or legs ". For real? How long will we have to endure all these unheard phrases?, the answer is: until you anytime.

You are right, we must be realistic we will not be able to change the thinking of a society rooted in a few days, because society has been so long, but we can start by changing a thought and is yours. We need to put a new chip in our head and start accepting that beauty is not something purely surface, sincerely concept of beauty that long ago devaluated, do not keep accepting it in your head.

Do not compare, And every woman is unique and special in their own way, Do not look at those magazine models who are full of Photoshop, if you want to use any reference that is perhaps motivation to reach any goal you have physically proposed, but remember that every body is a different world.

Conspicuously yourself, It is always good to remember that you do not need anyone around you to be happy, much less to make your life a path full of successes and that. The more you are sure of yourself, your goals will be easier to achieve, clear that life is full of obstacles but it is up to you to see the positive in it, be yourself, further recalls that no need to turn off the light of others to shine maximum yours.

Be good, not only with other people but you, most of the time the harshest criticism coming from ourselves, perfectionism is not bad but not to the point that you become emotionally or physically hurt. It is natural to have defects, we are all imperfect, there are things in our personality that we do not like, but instead of hard-working judge in the acceptance and through it looking for the best way to gradually change those aspects you do not like about yourself.

You are more than your physical, much more, All women are different: brunettes, blondes, high, low, you thin, gorditas, curvilíneas, but in the end all we are still human beings, all the love they can offer them deserve, compression and dedication. Your body does not define, even your personality does, but at least through it you will achieve an attitude that allows you to transcend. Remember it.

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