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If you do these 10 things, You're the toxic person in the relationship

If you do these 10 things, You

There are moments that we clouds the mind and begin to act strangely unpleasant and when we are in a relationship. I know that in itself start something with the person you think is right for you is difficult, although it is beautiful to love and all that corny speech, we must admit that there is a lot of sacrifice, patience and understanding through.


Change your partner


If you do not put your hand and do these 10 I regret to inform things that are toxic person in the relationship. It's time to reflect!


1. You know not to take responsibility


Not always right, but it costs you accept. When you act in bad shape you have to admit it and try to get those few hobbies of your interior. It's time to take.


2. Avoid confrontation


Although you know there to talk you decide to avoid at all costs.

¡Completely wrong! Maybe you extend something and when you really feel determined to confront the other person is no longer willing.


3. Hurt and then you realize


You can scream, insult and make your partner feel less and after that bad time you realize just how badly acted.

Not worth repent after doing something.


4. You decided it was better to "change" your partner


It costs you accept the fact that no one is perfect, but flaws and all someone perfect for you.

That's why decide to "change" your partner, mold it as suits you ... Mal, times, times!

change your partner


5. All blame your partner


It costs you accept your mistakes and the easiest way out is to blame it all on your partner. In this way no longer have to question ... yes because you're afraid.


6. You always find the "other side" of history


Your partner returns a little later than usual, tells what happened and your looking for the other side, the bad, you know that the fight will.


7. You became obsessed(to) with negative aspects


Unfortunately, being escapist, flee Assuming responsibilities and the bad times that have passed through your fault, start clouding your mind pure bad things.


8. I like to play the victim role




9. Looking validation of your partner for all


For all you expect me to say yes, it's OK, you those shoes look good, you eat this and not the other ... Terrible!


10. While all this evil costs you finish


This is the worst of all and which at some point will have to take over and say goodbye ... Not everything lasts forever if you put your hand!


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