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You can not force someone to understand a message you are not ready to receive

You can not force someone to understand a message you are not ready to receive

Amid the dynamics that gives us the art of living, many of us will have felt extreme need for someone, usually one person who matters to us, understand a message we want to convey, but this can not happen and among the many reasons for this not to happen, It is that simply is not prepared for what we hope.

We can not judge anyone for being in a different stage than ours, to have other resources or simply want to interpret events, the words and even the feelings in their own way. Either way, one of the most valuable things that we as human beings, it is freedom and not assume it is often the reason why we ended up looking at life through crystals that are not ours.

Inclusive, we must make room for doubt, that it follows that we might be we that we fail to understand a situation, because each of us has a criterion, one way and a privileged mind that is able to give a very different way than the other. The humility is one of the keys to growth and only accepting others, accepting ourselves and as much as others can and have the right to be wrong, makes us make sense of the different life.

Each of us does the best it can with the resources tiene, understand this fact puts us in a privileged position, where respect times and stages of each person, where we understand many things that can affect us and even offend, from others, we should not take them as personal. Most people when they do something that negatively affects other, It does not intend to harm him, you think you have done your best and generally so.

As time passes, each adopts tools, open your understanding, expands your mind, dispels fears ... Perhaps in time also adopt patterns and disadvantages ways their lives, but it may be that your past messages, they could not understand and channel, They are treated and perceived differently through experience.

You can not force someone to understand a message you are not ready to receive

We are all in a process of development, in which, as when we were kids, we are learning and discovering a world around and let understanding ourselves, identifying and applying each of our resources, we strategizing regarding what works best and so we wore on our lives will, usually safer, with clearer ideas, with ability to lighten loads that bind us and hopefully ready to see what yesterday could not.


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