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10 steps to woo a difficult woman

10 steps to woo a difficult woman

Many men suffer from not knowing how to win or get to a woman. They do everything and still appears inaccessible to them to dinner or just engage in conversation. However it is not that difficult if you follow these tips.


1. Be sure of yourself.


Trust your skills, You think what you have nobody has (whatever it is), that will make you feel more confident.
Defeatist thoughts away, those who make you feel like a failure. Think positive, because what you think you will be reflected in your attitude and your person.


2. Watch your personal appearance.


Women are often very detailed and good presentation make a dent in them. Do not give attention only to your clothes, also your hair with your hands, especially nails.


3. anoint.


But not too, They like a man who smells good, but it is not impregnated. Moderation above all.


4. Be sincere.


Although you want to conquer, Be honest and sincere. Women appreciate it. If you have ulterior motives will know them, and it will be even more difficult conquest.


5. Be respectful, above all.


How to seduce a difficult woman necessarily involves respect. Tell him it's the most beautiful woman you've known, if that's what you want, but vulgarities or impositions.

You do not have to say obscenities to praise. Believe it or not, there are men who do not know piropear (and pay dearly for their mistake).


6. Look after your oral hygiene.


If you have bad breath, You have less chance to love someone.

Bad breath away any sexual interest, so if you smoke (and she) Apply refreshing mouth before talking to her, Like if you have drunk alcohol. In this respect never be too careful.


7. Ask her out.


If this is the first date, shows with confidence that you who carries the address. If you know anything about her, If you know any of your tastes, surprise her with something you like.

That will show her that you decided (and generally women love the determined men).


8. Make him understand that you have social life.


Do not always available, say no sometimes. Do not think it is a missed opportunity, It is an "investment" you do.


9. Not explicitly prove your intentions in bed.


Women know that men only want sex with them, so you should not openly show that this is also your interest.


10. Do not say directly how you feel about it.


Work doubt, who can not explain what you feel toward her, treat it as a friend. Although sometimes, also, treat her like a mad woman you.


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