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Your emotions sound in harmony when you know better

Your emotions sound in harmony when you know better

Who gets today harmony in your life? In today's society Such is the number of tasks we have to perform in our daily life it is very difficult to find an emotional balance. The anxiety, stress and anger take over our present without even realizing it.

In this way, we enter into a vicious circle. Every time we alter us and makes us more difficult to remain calm and serenity. What can we do to try not to disturb both? Read on if you want to achieve greater harmony in your life!

"Walk always the shortest path. The shortest path is the one in harmony with nature. Therefore, He speaks and acts at all in the healthiest way, since a similar purpose freed from the cares and the fight, any kind of concern and ostentation "

-Marco Aurelio-

To increase your harmony: know yourself!


Like any other skill you want to acquire or improve to increase our harmony will be necessary to launch a series of exercises. Like this, We get greater emotional balance and, in consecuense, improve our overall wellbeing. But this is not easy. Sometimes, we are so angry or nervous that blocked us and it is impossible to manage those emotions.

So, what can we do? If we locate a pattern of moments when we feel cranky or too worried we can put a name. In this way we will aware of it and we will see as an external element to us. In addition, we can decide if we go on like or conversely, do something to improve our mood.

For example, may often, start thinking about what we should have done and did not give us time. At that time anxiety and anger appear on the scene. We do not stop mulling over we are a disaster and we machacamos more and more. But is right now we have to learn to identify and label to not get caught.

Perhaps this situation reminds us of a friend who, whenever times tells us what happens this, we tell who is driven and you have to learn to delegate to others. In this way, when we begin to tell ourselves this kind of thing, come to mind the word "autoexigente", which will warn us that we are entering a dynamic that hurts us. Like this, We have the possibility to think what to do in order to regulate how we feel and ultimately increase, our emotional harmony.

"When you feel compelled to fret about things happening around, returns quickly yourself and do not turn the rate more than necessary. Because you will be more harmony owner the more often you return to it "

-Marco Aurelio-


Harmony comes from the hand of a contemplative attitude


Although we learn to become more aware of how we react to certain situations and try to manage our negative emotions, sometimes we may be very difficult. Learn to distance ourselves emotionally conflict is not as easy as it seems.

"The main thing is to understand that the problem often stems from how we see the external world as a generating potential source of suffering, anguish, tension, When this happens stress ..., we think that it can also be harmony "

-Raul de la Rosa-

A skill that can help in troubleshooting is to see things in perspective. And even if the situation is hopeless short term. To get it, We can think of what is causing us discomfort and ask the question: What would I say to a friend if I tell this? In this way, we would realize how we would react if something we were not happening to us.

In addition, we can do a visualization exercise. At, we will imagine as trees, Mentally crossing our body and relating its parts. Once we identify our feet with roots, legs and torso with our trunk, arms with branches and fingers and head with leaves, introduce the wind.

That air hits us and shakes with more or less force will be our problems. What we will do is see how that tree that we are sways with the wind, but without breaking for him, in the same way that our everyday conflicts influence our lives, but without sink. Like this, If we practice this often, We will encourage our flexibility and emotional detachment.

Your emotions sound in harmony

Finally, sometimes we may have to reach an agreement in our company, our family or our community of neighbors. This will be much easier when we get emotional balance in our lives, because we can implement the strategies used to interpersonal conflict situations, trying to mediate problems requiring negotiation. In this way, retroalimentaremos our harmony and get more welfare.


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