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My emotions are priceless

My emotions are priceless

¿You'd be willing to pay for happiness? How much would you give for free from all negative emotions? If this could be done, If you could pay by emotions, would you do it?

We are used to flee from suffering, everything that causes us harm. Sometimes, as we go through tough situations and we are ashamed of what we feel much we try to escape from these emotions, or at least ignore them. Still we do not understand that negative emotions are even more important than positive.


Your emotions are important


Put a price on emotions causes them to lose their true value. Emotions are important, it's more, we can not do without them. Although we do not want, emotions are part of ourselves and if we want to avoid, this will not be possible.

Emotions help us to motivate us, keep going, to be happy, to reflect, to believe in people ... We may now be thinking that this only happens with positive emotions, But what about the negative?

Negative emotions also help us move forward, to outdo, to learn from our mistakes, to learn more about people. Well Can you believe that someone has hurt you, but I do not see is that this is a learning. But, Make no mistake.

Sometimes we have to go through something negative will help us not to fall into the same in the future. But this is something we'll never know. What really helps us, what we learn from the negative experiences, It is to face what you have to come better. I mean, If someone has hurt you do not think you're going to learn to discern now who is good who is bad. Is more, do not close before others, do not "protect them". Learn to accept that this is natural, what hurts, of course, but also learn.

Negative experiences and emotions that cause us may be learning to start accepting that which constantly refused. We hate things go wrong we, We hate to hurt us, we do suffer. We feel sad about something that happens without us being able to control it.

Learn to accept


Many people live in a constant search for happiness. A happiness not to be found, but find ourselves. How? Accepting that we can not control things, and negative circumstances happen as positive.

Our problem is to give greater importance to negative, seeing it as completely unacceptable. "Why it has happened to me?"", "What have I done to deserve this?"They are some of the questions we sometimes do.

You have done nothing, to deserve? It is not a question of deserving or not deserving, It is a matter of things happen. Look at the audacity to think we do not deserve the bad, but good. When the bad, There are many positive things.

Do not avoid emotions, do not put them price because I really do not have. You must learn to accept, whether they are positive or negative. You must learn to learn from them, Despite the redundancy.

We learn more of everything negative than positive. Because learning should fall. How do we learn to walk? Falling ... How do we learn to do something? Accept your mistakes ... emotions, but they hurt, even if you think you do not support them. They are part of you. You are your emotions. do not put price.



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