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5 features of the emotionally immature people

5 features of the emotionally immature people

At some point we will have established relationships with some people who do not pay interest and seriousness in the things they do tend to be irresponsible or which got to catalog them as immature.


Emotionally Immature people


Emotional immaturity is defined as a condition in which people have not given up desires or fantasies of childhood:

They claim that the world revolves around him, or that people bow down depending on what they want.

Very different emotional maturity is a state of fortitude and temperance activities leading to realistic and balanced.

Let's look at some characteristic features of the behavior of a person emotionally immature:


They are self-centered


Immature people do not understand that the world does not revolve around them. Behavior that can be expected from a child who does not realize things.

When you give up that fantasy , gradually they realize how wonderful it can be to explore the universe of possibilities that are not expected.


Difficulty making commitments


A child hardly give up at that moment wants to achieve a greater goal then.

When carried to maturity it is understood that the sacrifices and restrictions are necessary to achieve great things.

And to commit to a target, or a person, It is not a limitation of freedom, but a condition to project better and longer-term.


Tendency to blame others


Children beings who do not act by will feel, They believe that the error should take the blame. They do not care much damage they did, but punishment or penalty may impose.

Maturing is taking responsibility for the things we do, take mistakes and realize that the only responsible for the things we do or do is we.

immature people


Establish ties of dependency


Immature people, They tend to regard people as a means and not an end in themselves .They want others because they need.

So they usually build bridges where there are strong dependencies.

They confuse the concept of autonomy to do his will, however when bear the consequences of their actions, They need others to cushion or lighten the responsibility.


Irresponsible money management


Another characteristic feature of an immature person is the impulsivity that closely reflected in the way they manage their resources, as money.

Only they focus on satisfying their wishes and buy things with money they do not have.

That's why it costs them to project the medium and long term. And it is usual to live in debt, all to satisfy whims.

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