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The influence of the stars: the zodiac

The influence of the stars: the zodiac

One way to understand the Zodiac is making an analogy with aura Human, or that of any living organism. A energy field, allegedly of a disc which surrounds our Galaxy: the aura of the same. That energy disc, formed by the energy of all the stars that you are part of it, would be divided in turn into 12 sections, called by astrologers as “houses”; the places where they are positioned, inhabiting them, the planets and therefore, also the zodiac signs. Each House receives the name of the sign that is in it, influenced in turn by the planet which inhabit it. Hence comes the fact that a planet directly influences a zodiacal sign, For example: Mars, the planet of action and war, Virgo. Although there are some planets that can be inhabited at the same time on two homes, for various reasons, probably because of the quality, quality and quantity of energy of the same. producing interesting astrological combinations in the personalities that they are born in the same houses human.

the zodiac: Zodiacal houses and the signs that are in them


House I
Influenced by the ascendant, This House represents the subject as it is in itself, front and for himself. Displays the personality, natural provisions and trends. Usually stands out the way as people see you one and how one want others see you, I mean, the image others have of us. This is the House of the principles, that explains our way of dealing with life, early childhood and the concept we have of the world. It represents the childhood, the next environment, the physical body and all that constitutes the plot of basis of existence.
Related Sun sign: Aries, key: self-assertion.
Corresponding element: Fire.
Part of the body: head.

House II
This is the House of values, both the moral and material. Possessions and money, investments, the gains made by the own effort are reviewed in this position. Finances and freedom that give the riches. It concerns also everything it materially to the subject, What is in contact with it and which can be perceived by the senses. Here the inborn talents are also represented, personal resources that can lend hand.
Related Sun sign: Taurus, key: the determination.
Corresponding element: Earth.
Part of the body: the cerebellum, the neck.

House III
The world of immediate contacts, relations with others, relatives in general, neighbors, colleagues. All relationships established by correspondence, telephone and internet. It also regards displacement, short travel and transport. The reasoning, training and studies with practical purposes and the immediate thoughts. Exchanges with other, the talks, the information and communication. Not referring still to the affective world but to the immediate world. In the youth, It represents the studies and the education given to form the personality.
Related Sun sign: Gemini, key: the versatility.
Corresponding element: Air.
Part of the body: arms, hands.

House IV
It is the home of origin. Home, parents, the family which item is and home in the more emotional sense of the term. It also indicates the biological inheritance, the psychological roots that are established in childhood. Real estate are governed by this House, as well as private life. It is the home of origin but it is also the personal address. Real estate are governed by this House, as well as private life. It is also a House which refers to the last years of life, at the end of things, to fame after death and burial place.
Related Sun sign: Cancer, key: home life.
Corresponding element: Water.
Part of the body: the stomach.

House V
The fifth House is represented on the creativity in the broadest sense of the word. It shows children, love and love; the pleasures and diversions of life, as well as the holiday, Parties and games. It includes the emotional attitude and the love that can give the subject. It is the home of family love and pregnancy. The arts are also governed by this House and it governs all produced in freedom and without obstacles. Indicates originality, initiative and financial speculation.
Related Sun sign: Leo, key: self-esteem.
Corresponding element: Fire.
Part of the body: heart, vertebral column.

Casa VI
The sixth House represents the domestic world, work, health, Customs and everything else to be mandatory cause an obstacle to freedom. Here you will find with regard to the employment, employees, tenants, servants, animals, domestic and beings who depend on one. This House governs services provided to others and services received. All routine matters: clothing, hygiene, food, good health and diseases.
Related Sun sign: Virgo, key: discrimination.
Corresponding element: Earth.
Part of the body: the stomach and intestines.

VII to XII Astral homes: the person in the world

Casa VII
If it the first House is fundamentally that of the self, its opposite, the seventh, is the home of the other. The 'other' people who are the subject and represent committed relationships, cohabitation, and partnerships. Concern matrimonial relations and business, marriage, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, conventions, agreements and dealings with the public. It indicates other cooperation or lack of cooperation, In addition to that of what a person lacking in higher degree.
Related Sun sign: Pound, key: the relationship with the other.
Corresponding element: Air.
Part of the body: the kidneys, the intestines.

House VIII
The home Eighth Schedule to all the processes of creation and destruction. It also shows the support which it receives from others, including the financial, moral, spiritual and physical. Indicates inheritance, societies, Wills, taxes and insurance. The home eighth is also the House of sex showing the attitude that has to sexuality. Indicates the processes of generation and decay, death and rebirth, they are both real and symbolic. Research, the latent, the occult and the causes of death are also governed by this House.
Related Sun sign: Scorpio, key: natural forces.
Corresponding element: Water.
Part of the body: the sex organs, the rectum.

Casa IX
This House shows the higher mind, opposite to immediate mind of the third House. Concerning religion, laws, Science, the ideals, higher education, philosophy, Psychology, the in-depth study of the mental, dreams and visions. Long distance travel, dealing with foreigners, big business with distant countries are represented in this House. It also indicates the great lessons we learn during the life and aspirations that drive us.
Related Sun sign: Sagittarius, key: higher aspirations.
Corresponding element: Fire.
Part of the body: the hips, the thighs.

House X
This House is very influenced by the half sky. It shows the profession, reputation and position in the community. The welfare State, Fame, the ambitions and business are matters of tenth House, as well as the authority and the chiefs as opposed to subordinates. Here are represented the ascension up the social ladder, the father, and the religion as that superior organization.
Related Sun sign: Capricorn, key: position and honors.
Corresponding element: Earth.
Part of the body: the knees.

Casa XI
This is the House of friendship and disinterested relations. The attitude toward friends and acquaintances are represented in this House. All relationships that do not involve deep emotional ties, Here are wishes and it gets reviewed. This House shows stepchildren and adopted children, as well as circumstances over which it has little control. Here the humanitarian interests are, the mode is considered as others, small to large organizations, clubs to which it belongs, Professional and charitable organizations.
Related Sun sign: Aquarium, key: altruism, generosity.
Corresponding element: Air.
Part of the body: ankles.

House XII
House number 12 is the last wheel. Indicates the end, the way in which things are completed and that life has just been. It is the home of the subconscious mind, shows strengths and weaknesses hidden or unknown, as well as the pain, the suffering, the limitations, the secrets, the obstacles, the detention, frustration and hidden actions. Indicates points of closure, prisons, hospitals, mental institutions and other restrictions. It is the home of secret enemies and dangers that lurk. It shows what hide others, investigations, karma and compassion.
Related Sun sign: PISCES, key: the hidden and mysterious.
Corresponding element: Water.
Part of the body: feet.

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