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The "I" and "we", a question of balance

The "I" and "we", a question of balance

The perfect match". This idyllic conception couple proposes a model where members, drunkards of fiery passion and recalcitrant interpenetration, so cease to exist Independent to form the complete citric. He no longer exists, she neither. Now there is only room for couple. And we're so happy! As in limbo, a dream!

A mistake. many couples, if not all, commit the absurdity of thinking that true happiness comes from being with someone.

What is life without love? Is nothing! They say some foolish. Happiness is a pleasant state that begins with the proper balance, personal, the self, and to be achieved independently of the others. Hello? Calling a person capable and independent within us! Of course -there say it all-, Having someone to love us unconditionally gives us great pleasure. But we must not let it be the main reason for our happiness. We must bear in mind that a happy couple is the sum, nonfusion, Two happy guys.

Certainly, when we started a relationship we tend to focus on our partner. We want to be with her all the time, know all of it and, in consecuense, we forget ourselves. The fact lulling our identity for the sake of the relationship involves stagnation staff leading to suffocation, frustration. To avoid falling into this, to preserve our "I" in the life of "we", You need personal space. By forming a couple we can not forget our space.

The fact that a person needs time alone, to conduct its affairs, It does not mean you do not want your partner. We must understand this and not fall into the paranoia that the love of our life does not want to spend more time with us.

That paranoia is one of the main reasons why lot of relationships break. The fact interpret this need for solitude as a detachment, brings out the worst in people. Infatuation then becomes dependence and reliance on a controlling behavior, in a vicious circle that makes us feel the urgent need to know where and with whom is our dear.

The solution is to use head, the great unknown in the world of affairs, and understand that everyone has the right to perform activities that do not want to share with the other. If we do so, we will always be engaged in discussions provoked, from one side, to feel ignored because our partner hold those activities that criticize him or, of other, to force him to give up his room to "prove" their love and it will end, definitely, in spite.


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