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The suffering of the self

The suffering of the self

According to Buddha, humans ignore our own nature and that of the world around us. This ignorance is not so much lack of knowledge, but the inability to be fully and actively aware that both us as the mundane is ephemeral, and that therefore only can provide us an ephemeral happiness.

However, We focus on the mundane purpose and the basis of our existence: in the mundane, we look for our well-being, our stability, our security, etc.. And we not only seek him, but that we do not create emotional ties to this, because We create feelings of affection what pleases us and dislike for what displeases us.


The suffering


Our life, or that of the majority of people, revolves around his work, their plans for the future, its tangible property, your money, his fame, etc.. We live believing that get all that will provide a State of long-lasting wellness. We live as if we were not to die, We live to believing that all that will never end, etc.. live, Anyway, totally focused on ephemeral aspects and futile of our existence.

The ignorance that makes us live in this illusion, It is the reason why we stick to the world: our property, our “I”, to life itself, etc.. This attachment, This desire - and this hatred for all that prevents us from the mundane well-being- is the cause of our suffering. This knowledge we saw him in the Four noble truths.


Can we rid ourselves of suffering?


We must not merely understand suffering as that State of suffering, pain or penalty, but as all those feelings of dissatisfaction and restlessness I experienced throughout our lives.

This desire by the mundane is, Therefore, the cause of our suffering in the Buddhist doctrine. If I were fully aware of the impermanence of the mundane and our “I”, and even their absence as we saw in the voidness We would not have as reasons to feel attachment or aversion, therefore eliminating our desire and ceasing our suffering in such a way.

In fact, Buddhism goes a step further and not only intended to end our suffering in this life, but that, anchored in the theory of the Renaissance, considered that you a time illuminated (This is, Once reach a conscious state in which we are fully aware of conceiving reality as it really is, getting rid of our desire and our suffering) We will be able to escape the cycle of stock without beginning or end in which we are caught, called Samsara, so you do not we will be forced to be reborn again in another life in which we return to experience suffering.


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