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The eightfold path and the 4 Noble truths

The eightfold path and the 4 Noble truths

We have seen the Foundation of the 4 noble truths but how can follow them and get them? To get rid of suffering must take the eightfold path. This path is composed by 8 steps.

The Eightfold Path

It would be good to start by interpreting the meaning of this road, not as a road that we walk on leaving behind stage after stage, and finally reaching, as we start just in case, a little more old, to some goal where we will pick up the fruits or rewards of the effort.

Rather we have to take this teaching as the myth of the trip, where the traveller part with the intention of reaching certain port, and it is with the travel experience same that us orchard and enrich and when you arrive you don't need to get any prize. The island toward which I assume was the excuse, but he was making the trip that we understood, change, open heart and mind and experienced transformation is the real goal.

Correct understanding


This action relates to the change in the perception of the individual, It allows you to discern between good and evil, regardless of what you find it more favorable. It's an understanding of the reality that surrounds you, and rupture of the illusion.




Channel the force of our thoughts toward goodness, voiding the negative ideas, through the will and faith. Help to achieving emotional balance.


Speaks correct


The thought must be aligned with its expression, It is fundamental cut with the dissemination of lies, slander, superficiality and disrespect. The word is a gift and should be honored.


Right action


There are many Buddhist texts dealing extensively with this section, being the main guidelines: not kill; not to steal; and avoid taking negative behaviors or that generate damage (to third parties or to ourselves).


Correct occupation


According to this teaching, the profession or work of the practitioner must not attempt against the existence of other beings sentient or the environment, given that this implies dishonesty and a great load karmic.


Right effort


This lesson, Invites the individual to strive to stay within the eightfold path and the practice of the 4 Noble truths, Despite the obstacles that may arise.


Proper care


At this point, reference is made to the mindfulness: keep the thoughts in the present, leaving aside the blame by the past and anxiety for what will happen in the future.


Correct concentration


At last, the last step of the eightfold path recalls the importance of deepening the practice of meditation, as a tool of liberation.


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