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Samsara and rebirth

Samsara and rebirth

In Buddhism it is believed that the “spirit” is the reality of being. This transcends the body after death, then reborn again into a different body and follow the cycle of life.

“Samsara” It is the wheel of life cycle. It literally means “wander by the suffering”. It begins with the birth of the self, includes his life and his death, to then be reborn in another. Revival depends on what Karma has the individual, whereas the essence of their actions in this and other lives. This revival takes place over and over again, countless times, different beings, giving us the opportunity to experience, live and improve spiritually. It is a circle without end that each individual in which the individual self to not to perceive the whole of samsara, turns, separated from its origin and therefore, subject to suffering.

Most of the Buddhists believe in rebirth. For many, the Renaissance is no different from the beliefs of Hindus, For example, in reincarnation or transmigration of souls (moving from the old body dying one that just being born or be conceived). With a little more of precision, However, the Renaissance is not more than the transmission of the own karma. Buddha compared with what a candle flame to another. So, the idea of an immortal soul, a continuing personality, It is not in any way a part of the concept of the Renaissance.

the Samsara

The liberation from Samsara occurs only if you reach enlightenment. Humans are able to break free of this cycle given that are one of the most spiritual and developed stocks. The road continues with the enlightened being (Buddha) sympathizers of the rest of the sentient beings, and guiding them along the path to enlightenment.

Describing it in a few words, the wheel features a Center containing three poisons, surrounded by another area of two colors (black and white) "intermediate state" are called (types of actions that are produced during the existence). Then there are six domains or realms of rebirth in which these actions occur (Karma) laudable or not.

What intermediary States and the? 3 Poisons?

The three poisons of the spirit are in the Centre of the wheel of Samsara. When These three poisons entering the mind, they removed to the life of the human being the most beautiful thing that has. Under the rule of these three poisons human forgets his identity and his Buddha-nature. They are only a lure by Mara (the ego is believed to be immortal), After that run the beings to mitigate the effects of impermanence and prevent take account of old age and death.

The first of those three poisons is greed, the desire to, attachment, the thirst of appropriation, of possession. Is represented by a rooster. You can understand why.

Hatred is represented by a snake. It is also the anger, the malevolence and aggressiveness with respect to others, Of course, but also with respect to oneself.

The pig symbolizes the stupidity and ignorance. Ignorance of our original nature, but also of the conditions of our existence.

Pig biting the tail of the snake that bites the Rooster tail, it bites the pig tail, to weave the fabric of our dreams, They are there, the three, inseparable, the origin of the actions generated during this life, during the existence of this group of skandhas.

The beings subjected to the influence of These three poisons produce two types of actions. Bad actions are “No virtuous”, “without merit”, they are the harmful for others. Pure behavior begets virtuous actions and, Therefore “with merit”.

These potentialities of previous karma are called the “intermediate States“, because they condition the appearance of a group of skandhas in one of five or six realms of rebirth. To the right a black and left semi-circle is a white semicircle. The white you can see some beautiful characters, bright whose gaze is turned upwards. Virtuous beings carry out righteous deeds by means of thinking, the word and the body. They are the actions engendered by the respect of the Kai (precepts): not kill, not to steal, not to lie, not drunk, keep not a bad sexuality, etc. These actions allow you to glimpse the end of suffering.

In the semi-circle of black characters, chained some to others and lionized by the demons of hell, rolling toward the lower kingdoms fall. The actions generated by the aforementioned practiced, more or less influenced by the three poisons, they will make that life emerges a group of five skandhas that will be born in a realm, in a world in which this new life will be developed. There are five or six worlds of Renaissance. Each of them contains itself itself one of the others, which is to say that, Anyone who is the world in which it appears, the Group of the five skandhas live psychological States that come from other worlds.


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