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Trust the process of life, You're right where you belong

Trust the process of life, You

Many times we have taken the wrong path in life, We can bemoan decisions made that we have brought consequences we would have preferred not live, We may regret the time invested in something ... we can repent and blame, so it is not for starring role, we can feel that nostalgia for something lost or paths not.

However, it is important to raise awareness that nothing happens to us casually, everything has a reason and that each of our experiences, our relationships, our steps, It intends to locate exactly what we live, our growth, to look through new crystals, to value life and miracles.


The process of life


We must trust the process of life, evidently not about to sit back, hoping that what we have to live pass through us, No, our transits are adjusted to our growth, the advantage that we draw from our experiences and while we remove most out while you can be a limiting, we will surely face more challenging experiences, that encourage us to make us the best and rescue in each of the positive things.

We should not berate our past, what we did at the time was the only thing we could have done with the resources and knowledge they possessed, so apart from being an energy cost is totally useless review the past to feel guilt or remorse, to remember penalties or desire to take revenge. we only use our past for practical purposes, learn as much as possible from him, see how much we've grown and what strengths we have developed.

the process of life

For more enigmatic life that may result, we must not lose sight of the main purpose:

Be happy! In spite of, even with... We must learn to keep our composure despite the storm, not find out what is inside us alone, never nothing, or property, or a bank account, or an achievement, nor the proudest, it will cause real happiness, all this fills us with joy, positive emotions, but turn out to be punctual and always will stay with that feeling of "ah, I have it ... now?"And so we like rabbits behind his carrot seeking happiness in the wrong places or times.

Happiness is the product of a loaded greater awareness perspective, where We can appreciate every moment and accept it as it is, without pretending to be different. Happiness is the absence of resistance to what is not as we want, It is to give the best of us towards what we want, always betting on the fact that maybe we can not change anything in particular, but to change the way we see it, and we feel the peace necessary to move any situation.

Relax, You are the only place where you could be, Enjoy, Learn, it grows, love and let love.


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