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Quartz and Benfeficios

Quartz and Benfeficios

The quartz Glass is one of the minerals that has more benefits. Collects energy, the power, It amplifies and directs it to where you want. It is widely used to heal and eliminate negative energies in your life. You want to find out how you can improve your life quartz glass?.

Of all the minerals quartz crystal he is perhaps the best known and the most unknown par. It is composed of silica, It belongs to the group of the oxides and is crystallized by high pressures and temperatures in rhombic system Geologic. It is one of the most common in the earth's crust and is also one of the minerals that gives you more benefits. You may know by hyaline quartz or rock crystal also. One of its most notable features is its purity and hardness. This is grade 7 in the Mohs scale so that is able to scratch the most common steels.

Thanks to the continuous discoveries being made, more and more varieties of quartz crystals with different properties that give you different states and vibrations there.

When talking about minerals you should be aware that they have the ability to capture and transform energy. Quartz is characterized by its support, I mean, by the amount of energy that can withstand. It is important because it also keeps inside and expands around.

It is also a stone protection. Always it is going to amplify the positive energy and to refuse or remove negative energy.
For its many properties have many uses in industry as optical instruments, clockmaking, oscillation plates, speakers ... It has a resonant behavior, ability to emit light when heated, dissipates static electricity and are highly recognized its piezoelectric properties that is, reacts when subjected to a given voltage.

Quartz crystal has always been in all cultures. It is present in both altars and tables because it is a mineral that focuses energy. Since ancient times, Quartz crystal has been considered a gem of great value. The prestige it had then it is much higher than it has today. There is a story that Nero did carve two glasses of this mineral to drink on special occasions because it was thought that the quartz crystal attracted the favor of the gods. The Arabs also performed with this gem beautiful amulets to ensure good luck. Properties for its beauty and has always been one of the Preferred gems talladores for all time.

Types Quartz

The Quartz is pure without any impurities it is known as quartz glass, rock crystal, quartz glass or quartz hyaline.

A common classification of quartz is presented by color, So there Transparentes quartzs, Ahumados quartzs (brown-gray tones), You amethysts (violet tone), lemons (yellow tone), Ametrino (on bolovianita, natural mixture amethyst-citrine), Pink quartz, Blue quartz, Venturina (Green tone), milky quartz (white tone).

Crystallizations that you see in a given variety are called geodes and produced in a flat or convex surface are called drusen.

Depending on color:


Rose quartz is one of the most used healing stones professionals crystalotherapy. The woman generates a feeling of well-being because it eliminates the possible charges that it may have the ability to give and receive from the heart. It helps balance the emotional energy and sexual. It will help you express feelings calmly, eliminating stress, jealousy, IRA, anguish ... This type of quartz destroys the negative energies replacing them with loving vibrations. You release all the pains that you can have and the emotions that you have not expressed.


It is very suitable for the endocrine and nervous system. It helps to purify and harmonize the environment where this type quartz place as it transforms negative energies into positive. Rubbing this type of ore in the exact spot where it hurts, You can help you eliminate your headache. It is a power stone, energy and purity justice.

Blue quartz:

Among some of the healing and relaxing properties given to blue quartz, They include those that are related to cleaning, harmony, healing and spirituality.


It is perfect for healing for their energy capacity and ultrasonic frequency. It is very suitable for meditation and find what you are looking for. Pushes all good impulses you have to get your personal and equipment improvement. Calm, Relax and silk. It is considered to be magicians quartz since it is able to eliminate your negativity and allows you to become aware of the here and now. It can help you focus. A set foot on earth especially those women who are dreamers who do not live in reality but a continuous fantasy.


It is very suitable both the nervous system and the digestive. It helps you to raise your self-esteem and eliminates the possible trend that can have a autodestrirte or autocriticarte. Help solve problems and make decisions in a quick manner so that intellectual activity benefits.


It is called milky quartz and is one of the most common varieties. This is created from small amounts of gas or liquid trapped when the crystals are forming. For this reason it is its white color. This type of quartz is widely used in decorating by fluids that exist within. Is precisely cloudiness exists in the ore which prevents use both in the field of optics and electronics.

It helps to release any physical locks you have on your body, It helps natural energies as the meridian points, reflexology points. Balances the energy of these physical points in both positive and negative. Quartz will mostly balance transmitirte.

Quartz corrected normal energy patterns that may be causing discomfort or illness. For centuries it has been associated with quartz properties not only physical but also healing and energy properties. It is considered by many crystal healing par excellence. Quartz has the property balance and harmonize the bodies preventing any negative energy may appear.

emotional and mental properties

Providing quartz is very clearly. They help to grow the spirit and soul. A physical and mental level which helps you is to clear the mind. Quartz is what will make your head whatever is blocking you to focalizarte all that will bring wealth. It increases the positive energy at the same motivation to carry forward what. As a protective quartz energy it does is accelerate, enhance and clear the way to get your best goal. Another property of mental healing that has this gem is increasing intuition. Eliminates any kind of self-pity you may have and helps you achieve what you want.

energy properties

On the other hand quartz is used for meditation much as, as I mentioned above, It is good to balance the energy fields that exist in your body and your aura. It holds hands quartz to aid relaxation while meditating. Also to have this mineral increases the frequency of vibration of the place where it is. Absorb, UNLOCK stores energy and regulates. Take this to the fullest been acting in all states of the person.

When performing meditation is essential that your mind is calm and quiet. Not have any negative charge. The space where performing meditation has to be as quiet as possible. It's good to have a dim light to avoid distractions.

As I mentioned earlier this mineral contains the entire spectrum of light. That is why it helps eliminate static electricity that may exist around you. So good to have a quartz glass near your computer, mobile, TV…



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