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It follows the path of love

It follows the path of love

Love is fragile. And we are not always its best caretakers. We just do the best we can. And we hope that this fragile sentiment survive against all odds.

Love is not direct. It is like boarding a train in a foreign land, without knowing what the final destination.

Take a leap of faith without knowing if you lastimarás or land safely. Try to unlock a safe without knowing what is the combination or key.

Sometimes the train moves fast, and sometimes the train moves slowly, the only constant is that the train will always somewhere. You can never really understand or experience the beauty of love until you mention that train.

So when you find someone that is worth addressing this train, someone who can love with all you have, that special person to which you give love with everything in your soul, keep this train moving.

the way of love


Love is a daily task


It is a decision that you have to take every day. In addition, people they love in different ways.

Some will send you a love poem to the 3 am.

Some might send you fun photos on Instagram.

Some prefer to hugs and kisses, and some show how much you care about taking care of yourself, listening to you and spoiling you, or you wines at the most unexpected time to give flowers or chocolates.

It is of the compatibility between your desires and what the other. All over the world show their love in a different way.

That does not show it in the same way that you do it does not mean that they do not mind the same. It's learn something from him or her, even if it is not be as expected.

If someone makes you feel unworthy of love, leave it. Get out as fast as you can and never look back. You deserve to be loved by someone who knows it.

But in the end, always remember, You must never stop loving. Even when your heart is breaking, believe in it. Because it comes, and when you find will be amazing.


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