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Love and showing affection

Love and showing affection

Many people have around us, many types of relationships and in turn many types of affection and loving ways ... Of which, even it is infinite, have in common that when you really feel, They are demonstrated.

Sometimes we justify in these "ways to love" gestures that speak otherwise: selfishness, disinterest, convenience, need for control, annulment, etc, but the reality is that many of the things we try not to see or not to care, They have nothing to do with love, at least not to us.

You feel love in the air, It expressed, It is thus shown to be the most sublime way, but always in every manifestation there is something that seeks our good, our smile or that feeling of care and protection.

Who loves seek ways to benefit through their love, or failing not adversely affect. At no time will generate situations where it is intended that the concept has who loves is poor, It is mean, but on the contrary it will position the height of their love.

Admiration and respect are faithful companions of love, when disappointments wreak havoc on the image we have of who you love, usually the ratio tends to detract, arise inconvenience, frustrations and demonstrations of affection are affected.

You should always look through the eyes of the heart, to feed a timely manner the relationship. Do not take things personal, or assume that the other person is doing things to annoy, It should be tolerant and constructive when analyzing and interact, always thinking about what we want for the future, without being drawn into impulses certain times.


Love must be nurtured and cultivated and that requires an emotional maturity that allows us to take action, even when we're not quite ready at a certain time, but it is right in the moments where the desire down, you should invest more attention on the relationship we want to build.

When we let the details die, when the morning kiss forgets, bon appetit message, when a simple hello replaces the welcoming embrace that used to, when the sacrifice to see that action movie or drama is no longer made, just to please or simply stop giving those little things that feed slowly and this relationship is starving.

Love should never be taken for granted, It must manifest itself in every possible way and thus ensure that we have the relationship we are cultivating.


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