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Love is necessary in life

Love is necessary in life

Give and receive love is an exchange for which we are very gifted. It is a necessity for us. A life without love is an empty -Some accuse more than others- in a major plot of our psychological life.

Throughout life we are establishing many relationships. In them we are dumping more or less affection because of the affinity that we feel for these people. Also affects the intensity and frequency of the relationship, as well as emotional reciprocity that we return.

More or less unconsciously we give love and hope that this produces a certain effect in the beloved person. We wish that this person return to us your love, which means a recognition or reciprocity and the establishment of the emotional link, as the friendship.

The affection is an own sense, that not only, of human beings. It is an expression of intense affection that feels to another person, animal or thing who is treated with care, delicacy and care. He thinks that the affection is fundamental in the development of people. If a child grows devoid of expressions of love and affection, You can accuse mismatches of his personality in adolescence and adulthood.


What determines that we feel or not honey toward the people who surround us?


Many times we give affection without expecting anything in return, without waiting for an answer. Like this, hard to endure these relationships too. The lack of emotional resonance makes that a psychological stimulus which strengthens our behavior there is. This behavior will be losing strength gradually until it disappears completely. Like this, We will end up turning us in others that we obtain a certain emotional compensation.

Also influences the frequency with which we relate to the people. If distance ourselves from them, lack of treatment can make the relationship cools gradually. Anyway, It can survive for long in cases where it was established in solid form prior, no items that deteriorate it. That is why we say that We have friends for life while a long time ago that we do not talk with them.

As is the case with many members of the family, has been formerly established a strong bond. Thanks to the same, We are sure of their affective response capacity at any time of our lives.

The fact of wanting to others, If the relationships that we have established with them are healthy and sincere, makes us feel useful and necessary. It also makes us feel satisfied ourselves by developing a significant capacity of our personality.

Do effects get to feel affection by others?


Love fills our life with sense and contributes to our psychological balance. Him feel loved by others, especially during childhood, provide us with security in ourselves.

Also us It serves to reinforce some aspects of our personality and indirectly increases self-esteem. Also, It helps us respond to the challenges that arise throughout the life, within a climate of communication and essential social adaptation to the development of the personality.


Love is necessary


When embrace someone to show him our love, We ease the stress, anxiety, It lowers our blood pressure and improves memory. In the same way, is released in our body a hormone and neurotransmitter, oxytocin. Oxytocin, in his role as a neurotransmitter, It is involved in trust-related behaviors, altruism, the generosity, the formation of links, care behaviors, empathy or compassion, etc.


The famous hormone oxytocin


But there is more. Oxytocin has a fundamental role in maternal and sexual behaviour, as well as the behavior of aggression. Their presence is involved in the regulation of fear, eliminating responses of paralysis.

As we are seeing, affection plays a decisive role in the life and mental health of each person. However, both the exaggerated need for affection and contempt for sentiment toward us expressed by others can be the cause or the expression of a psychopathological disorder.


The exaggerated need for affection does not make us any good, the opposite


An exaggerated need for affection is the main symptom of some psychological disorders. This excessive need for affection is the defining feature of the hysterical personalities. The individual with a hysterical personality used seduction to the service of his need for self-esteem and dependence. But in unintended ways, continuously plays a role. "It works" to gain attention and affection. It reacts overreacts to comments or actions that, even minimally, violate "her character".

On the other hand, psychotics personalities are often characterized by a disregard of social norms together with Frank disregard by the feelings of others. This is shown in a cruel coldness to the suffering that may be causing these people. You think psychopaths to respond sometimes cruelly emotional demonstration which are subject.

Psychopaths do not feel guilty for the suffering and pain they inflict on others, or for any of your actions in general. Despair or sorrow are not in their vocabulary.


The role of affection in depression


What role the affection in the depression? Let's see. Depression usually produces an emotional impoverishment. These people may feel, Sometimes, Unable to give affection to humans had always wanted. What most collide is that do not find causes that justify it. This makes them suffer deep.

Also, people with depression, they may not feel loved by others. They may lose all ability to give and receive love, Although in the majority of cases is more than one feeling that something objective subjective. When asked their relatives, they usually reply that the person in question is shown in a cold way and their emotions are "flattened", I mean, find it difficult to express them.

It seems clear, because, to give and receive love is more beneficial than harmful, no doubt us. Through the love we reinforce our personality, increase our self-esteem, compassion and confidence, among other benefits.

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