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Earthing: Connect with the land to recover your energy

Earthing: Connect with the land to recover your energy

Through evolution humans have experienced great changes. One of the most important is to start walking with 2 feet up straight. Direct contact between our feet and the land has been virtually forgotten. The direct relationship with nature is left rather for weekends or holidays and every time we spend less time outdoors.

Throughout our history we have walked barefoot through different natural surfaces. We have crossed great distances, we have cultivated the land and enjoyed as an everyday nature and part of us. Today it is far from being a reality. Cement and footwear They have separated us from direct contact with our mother earth.

We currently live in apartments, We use all kinds of rubber shoes, We walked on paved surfaces, we are always connected to an electronic device (computers, mobile, TVs, etc) and do not usually have direct contact with the earth. People are avoiding this natural source of energy and powerful healing tool and do not know.

What we are missing?

Our bodies and cells are loaded with power, and especially with the high amount of electromagnetic waves around us. Many of us have accumulated a high amount of positive electrons in our body. To disconnect from the earth and never walk barefoot, we are losing these electrons Earth offers us free. These electrons are there to store them in the body and are always available if a lesion has or when a free radical is formed.

Humans evolved to walk barefoot, so our physiology depends on this ground connection to function properly.

remember. You did not given you the feeling that when you went to the beach and walked along the sand beam and enjoyed a splendid swim in the sea you feel liberated? Well what happens is that sand and ocean water help us connect with the earth. So you can remove excess positive electrons. Just as we put our plugs grounded to prevent accumulation of excess positive charge, our bodies need the same effect to prevent accumulation of energy on.

Recreate healing through your feet

The healing power proven walk barefoot

The incredible story of the discovery of grounding began in late 1990. Clint Ober, an executive retired cable television, He began to think of the human body in terms of electrical grounding. He realized that most people use synthetic sole shoes that insulate their bodies the energy field of the Earth.

The investigation that followed has presented evidence that the grounding creates a powerful and positive change in the electrical state of the body and restores the natural mechanisms of self-healing and self-regulation. Dr. Oschman details that chronic inflammation is one of the primary causes of virtually all diseases. He explains that when we step on the land, this free electrons are transferred into our bodies. These electrons are probably the most powerful antioxidants known by humans. The free electrons act as anatiinflamatorios without the side effects.

How it does help us heal?

Dr studies. James Oschman, show that these antioxidants help regulate heart rate, to reduce skin resistance, and reduce levels of inflammation. His research has found that inflammation, which occurs when the body is fighting bacteria, It is actually caused by the lack of electrons in the tissues. Research on contact with the ground shows that if feet on the floor are placed after injury, electrons land will spread throughout the body and electrically neutralize free radicals that have leaked in healthy tissue, Awesome is not it?.

Dr. Oschman says "Our skin is an excellent conductor". "We can connect any part of our skin to Earth". But the area of ​​the body that connects more deeply is what is exactly half the ball of the foot, at one point called Kidney acupuncturists 1. It is a well known point which all acupuncture meridians and essentially connects to every corner of the body. The lack of this contact has a lot to do with the emergence of modern diseases.

Helps your immune system

"Since the Earth is negatively charged, to touch the ground are connecting the body with a source of negative load energy, which it is absorbed by the body through the soles of the feet ".

The same applies to any activity that affects the immune system. You should try contact with the ground when the belly is swollen, after overeating, or after returning from trip when you have "jet lag". It also helps asthma, allergies, and other types of chronic inflammation. With only 15 minutes of contact with the ground is possible to relieve symptoms.

Does it seem unbelievable truth?

Basically, The theory behind the term "earthing" or "contact with the earth" is that our bodies are intended to come into direct contact with the Earth regularly. positive electrons as free radicals accumulate in our bodies and direct contact with the earth helps us to balance ourselves and eliminate their negative consequences.

We have to reach a cure for many ailments and it's free, Simple and effective. We just have to put the body in contact with the ground either walking, by sitting or sleeping on it.

Grounding can help us in:

• Reducing inflammation by disabling an excess of positive electrons.
• Reduce Chronic Pain.
• Improve Sleep.
• Increase energy.
• Reduce stress and promote calm by reducing stress hormones.
• Normalizing biological rhythms, including circadian rhythm.
• Improve blood pressure and blood flow.
• Relieve muscle tension and headache.
• Reduce recovery time from injury or athletic activity.
• Reduce or eliminate snoring.

Grounding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory A?

Modern science has thoroughly documented the relationship between inflammation and all chronic diseases, as aging diseases and the aging process itself. The researchers say it is important to understand that Inflammation is a condition that can reduce or avoid practicing "grounding" at least 30 minutes a day.

Earth is a natural source of electrons and subtle electric fields. Both are essential for the proper functioning of our immune system, the circulation, synchronization of biorhythms and other physiological processes of the human being. Through grounding could achieve the most effective antioxidant method, less expensive and easier.

The ideal places to make contact with the earth

It is said that you are connected to the ground when you walk barefoot on the floor, either land, grass, the arena. To work you must be barefoot and in direct contact. The best source of energy comes from the beach, near the sea or in the sea itself. Since seawater is a great driver and as our body is made mostly of water, we connect in an appropriate way. However, for most of us who live in the city away from the beach, this is not possible. After the sea is the best grass, especially in the morning when there is still dew. Parks or mountains, anywhere even our yard could serve. 200 soil volt power pass to the body. That's roughly the amount of energy that the earth subway on an average day our body.

Water also needs land

The doctor. Gerald Pollack is a scholar of water molecules. For more than 15 years has been devoted to understanding how and why these molecules are sorted by the surrounding energy. This applies to microscopic cellular energy level. Also at macroscopic level with the nearby electromagnetic fields to a body of water.

Interestingly Pollack ensures that both the water inside our body, and all tissues that contain, They can benefit from the negative electrons emanating from the earth and absorb through the soles of the feet. This helps the water molecules are ordered and improve cell function. And of course, Let us not forget that we first water.

Get Connected You also get to land and all its benefits!


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