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11 Immature differences between women and mature women

11 Immature differences between women and mature women

We find it hard to recognize that sometimes we behave like immature women when we meet someone and sometimes do not see that mature side we have coming to have a bad impression of us. It is necessary evaluate some behaviors we have not only for others but for ourselves and become better persons.


Immature differences between women and mature women


I do not know if it has to do directly with maturity, but a confident woman and actually relies heavily on your partner to shape their personal identity.




Immature women want to control the man in their lives.

Mature women, They know that if man is really his, No need for control.




Immature women scream you because no flames.

Mature women are too busy and only limited to say with poems and sweet messages that remind.




Immature women monopolize their man's time.

Mature women realize that some space, It makes something more special time together.




Immature women unforgiving and punished and punished by rancor

On the other hand, mature women forgiven, They offer their shoulder and a tissue.




Immature women are afraid of being alone.

Mature women use it as a time for personal growth.




Immature women ignore the good men.

Mature women ignore the bad.

Immature women




Immature women hurt by a man, They make all men pay for it.

Mature women know that was just a man and nothing more.


In love


Immature women fall in love and pursue relentlessly.

Mature women know that sometimes you love, you will love and if not, They continue on their way without rancor.




Immature women do get you back home.

Mature women always make you want to go home.




Immature women leave their open agenda and wait for your man speaks to plan.

Mature women They make plans and affectionately notify men to integrate them as they see fit.


In the bed


The immature women will want to turn out the light when it comes to making love.

Mature women no fear and delivered completely and not afraid to try new things to strengthen the relationship.


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